November 20, 2012

2012/11 My first fashion meetup

I have read lolita fashion guides, and browsed brand store pages. Bought my first brand dress and put together my first outfit. What comes now? First meetup!

A lolita fashion newbie meetup was organized in a nearby city by the small local community, so I put on the frills and ventured forth! The meetup was held in a quiet underground tea shop, which made it very had to take pictures.

In the black Bodyline jewelry skirt is the host of the meetup, and beside her is my friend Kiki, really chatty and fun person! I tried my best to look decent in my first coordinate.

Most people were dressed in black or black combined with jewel tones. I was dressed in classic lolita coordinate with Innocent World's Florence OP and Bodyline's blouse, shoes, and OTKs. There was also an adorable sweet lolita Anko with BtSSB Merry Sweet Castle Print Heart JSK and An*Tai*Na shoes. 

In the end, although the meetup was nothing like the fashion images I found on the internet, it was ours, we got to chat and enjoy an evening together and we loved it!