June 24, 2017

ILD: Pink Street

For International Lolita Day, I visited Pink Street in our city! Of course I couldn't dress up in any other color than pink :)

Shoes: An*Tai*na
Hair clip: TaoBao

The meet was scheduled as a Geocaching event, so everyone dressed up in pink!

It was just sunny when I asked for a photo. The street name "Růžová" means Pink in czech language!

June 18, 2017

Presents from Japan

I was in luck that this time, my partner was sent to a conference in Tokyo. When he asked me what to bring back for me, of course I asked for a few pieces of kawaii and foods I've read so much about!

Got more than a few.. my kawaii hoard :3 The pikachu is for my son but was too cute to omit :D My partner said he even saw two lolitas walk by while in Tokyo. I'm pretty sure he would see more of them if he went to Harajuku.. but thats one place where we will walk together, someday...


Turns out most Sanrio in Tokyo is made up by Kello Kitty, but a little bit of merchanside of the other characters can be found. My favorite from Sanrio is Little Twin Stars, two siblings, Kiki and Lala. I got Little Twin Stars notebook, sticker and necklace! Yay!


The Sanrio bag has a little surprise stuck inside... but it's empty! I'm not sure how it is meant to be used? o.O Oh, and the corners of the notebook have little Kiki and little Lala printed on them. Cute overload :3

I really wanted to try some matcha KitKats. They have dozens of KitKat flavors in Japan, including special sakura KitKats sold around Hanami. I also got matcha chocolates and cookies. I think I'll stick with traditional chocolate. Althought I love iced green tea, which is (supposedly?) made from powdered matcha, I didn't like matcha chocolate. It tasted like if white chocolate melted together with matcha powder. I like my chocolates on the sweeter side! 

Pocky are another thing I really wanted to try. I heard they're kind of addictive? I'm glad I got chocolate and strawberry ones instead of matcha Pocky I asked for. The chocolate pocky are covered in quality dark chocolate, and the strawberry ones taste like if dipped in a rich strawberry yoghurt. Yum!

Pokemon! Another of my favorite things which originated in Japan. Soft Pikachu plushie and  my own metallic pokeball. There were pikachu candies inside! Aaand this is last photo of todays post. See you again!

June 3, 2017

Inspiration: Hellowonderland

I've seen pictures of this cute lolita from time to time on Tumblr (tagged some here), and came to realize its Hellowonderland from Livejournal (her livejournal is blank now). Lately I've seen yet another old tumblr photo of her and wondered, what happened to her? Does she still wear lolita? So I turned to google, and the answer is YES, and she rocks it as well as ever!

Alice's Blog , Tumblr , Flickr , Twitter , Instagram   

Alice has birthday on 21th July and lives in Chicago with her husband she married seven years ago. She looks very young, I'd bet she must be minor, she's so petite with her size 0 and height 160 cm! Actually Alice is 31 now so we are similar age! She dresses in sweet lolita since 2006 and her favorite brands are Angelic Pretty, with BtSSB as second, with preference to the older pieces. Her favorite colors are pink and white. She also loves ballet, cupcakes, knitting, baking, reading, writing letters, and likes pink electronics. Alice also collects My little pony, Sailor Moon items, and has a few BDJ dolls. She's blogging since 2009, and has a younger sister who dresses in sweet lolita in black colorway (I'd love to see more pictures of them together!) 

I love her blog serie tagged On being lolita. She adresses there many topics important for lolitas, like laundry, saving up (1) (2), taking pictures, planning picnics or tea parties, less pleasant experiences like rain, unwanted attention, halloween or flying in lolita, and also gives advice to lolitas just starting out. Some of her posts are more like an essays. She explains her view on lolita rules and ponders lolita lifestyle (1), (2), (3).And often times I find myself agreeing with her opinion, just she writes it better than I could have expressed it!

I was also eager to read her Angelic Pretty tea party at ACEN report (day 0, 1, 2, 3), since I would love to see Angelic Pretty tea party one day.. hopefully before I grow old, haha!

Sometimes, you get to know a bit about her, like how she started lolita, though its very rare. For the most curious there is a 100 questions baton! She also showed us her ponies, room and wardrobe (surely much bigger now :) Alice is always so well coordinated and cute, I wish we had more people like that!