August 24, 2016

Seasonal lolita: Summer

There exist many general advices how to get through summer with less hassle, like - use sunscreen, stay hydrated, keep in shade - and so on for consideration. On the other hand, the summer heat is different story for the many layers and meters upon meters of cloth and lace lolitas dress in.

9 Handy tips specific for lolitas:
  • Use parasol. Avoid the lacey kind on the picture, they barely provide any shade and don't prevent sunborn. The best are umbrella/parasols with some declared SPF. Mine has a SPF 50 and is also waterproof, which makes it as universal as it can get!

  •  Get a straw hat. You can buy a simple hat in local store and adorn it with a ribbon, lace, or other accessories, buy a hat from TaoBao like I did, or even get a brand hat!

  • Keep your hair up in an updo. Thats obviously easier for classic lolitas but sweet lolitas can do two buns to look extra adorable!
  • Get a chiffon short sleeve blouse, even better if it is without peter pan collar. Wear a cutsew instead of a blouse, or simply put a light bolero over a JSK without blouse altogether (gasp!)
  • Prefer light chiffon dresses or skirts. Loose babydoll or highwaist cut is a plus.
  • Wear lace adorned ankle socks instead of OTKs or tights, or just get cute sock toppers instead to use on any ankle socks!

  • Skip on the bulky accessories. A pearl bracelet and a small bow comb will do.
  • Get cute sandals instead of closed-toe shoes.

  • Buy a fan. Especially cute for classic lolitas!

Example coordinates around main pieces from my wardrobe, created in Polyvore

August 1, 2016

Bunny House petticoat

Once upon a time in every lolita's life comes the decision to expand on petticoat collection, be it due to new dress cut or petticoats already owned deflated beyond any hope. My time came as well and after searching around, I learned that 
Eventually, I found Bunny House. A small vietnamese indie brand of cute clothing which had a sale on petticoats currently going on! They make them to customers measurements, including petticoat lenght and color! I couldn't resist such offer and ended up ordering pink middle poof petticoat. The communication with the shop was great and everything went as smoothly as possible! I wondered if the petticoat will stand up to the stock photos. Here it comes!

The poof is incredible. The material is somewhat stiff on touch but does not itches. Theres no raw edges left untended and the elastic is soft so it wont cut into my waist. Its honestly much more poofy than I imagined! What will I even do with this much poof?

The petticoat looks quite fine with Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party skirt on top, however I feel like a jellyfish about to float away.

It seems ideal for heavier pieces like this Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Floral Lace Ruffle JSK.

On the other note.. its definetly not something to put under babydoll cut dress like Angelic Pretty's Dreamy HoroscopeThis is way too much poof. Worst decidion of the day. 

Bunny House is definetly my new favorite for affordable but poofy petticoats! Additionally, after having mine for a while I can tell they seem impossible to deflate. Its as poofy as the first day!