April 28, 2013

2013/04 Bubleology meetup in Ceske Budejovice

The history long gone, by now in 2016, and another back in time post.

In 2013, my city had an active j-fashion community, similarly as a few other cities in our state. It is great to be able to chat about the fashion with like-minded people without having to travel several hours first. This was another of our casual meetups.

The only meetup photo we really got. We visited a monastery garden for a photoshoot,and lots of awesome photos were taken, but the photographer lost them all aside this one in low resolution. That just strenghtened my resolve to get my own camera and learn a bit of photography! At the moment I'm taking photos with a GPS, haha!

We went to get some bubble tea. We have Bubbleology bubble tea, which make it feel and look like a fancy chemistry class! Yay for chemistry nerds! Bubble tea is kind of like an ice tea, it can be flavored and even with milk, and with flavored jelly pearls floating inside.



My favorite part of the outfits was the decora accessories! A speck of pastels in otherwise classic and gothic community and a bright personality to match it!