February 16, 2013

2013/02 Brewery meetup in Pilsen

I decided to get to know fellow Czech lolita fashion enthusiasts this year, and jumped right on the chance to get to Pilsen meetup in February! The meetup in Pilsen was organized by Venea. We tried to do a jumping group photo but failed miserably! Everyone had different reaction time so our group jumping looked more like a gang of fleeing rabbits and this is the only decent photo we managed! How do you get people to jump at the exact same moment anyway?

Favorite outfits of the day. Left is RabbitHeart in a handmade JSK. I swear it looks like
Innocent World made it, its gorgeous! Right is Venea in a real Innocent World dress.

This is what you do when your only meetup photo has a snowflake
falling in front of your face! Argh.

Undoubtfully the best photo I took that day. Simply gorgeous.

Since Pilsen is renowned for its beer production, we went to a guided tour into a brewery. They are very well prepared to handle visitors. We saw a visitor center with infographics hanging everywhere, an exhibition showing a step by step how the beer is produced, walked through the factory itself and also through the storage cellars with kegs of beer, concluding the tour with tasting of an unfiltered beer. Wheew! Most of the places were poorly lit though, so we could take little photos to remember the tour by. Here is some! 

Pilsen Brewery
Beer packaging line, where the bottles are filled and labeled.
The real packaging line.
Watching the mesmerizing tangle of tubes and cables in awe.
Huge copper containers in which the beer is brewed.
Entering the underground storage cellars.
The cellars incorporate kilometers of passageways.
Finally, the beer degustation!

You can also read about the meetup on Rabbit Heart's blog.