May 11, 2017

2017-05 Tiny meetup in a tea shop

Mitsu visited our city so all the lolitas (numbered two) gathered to meet her ^.^ We met in a tea shop. The weather was on our side so we could sit in their garden under blooming wisterias! We had tea, of course, and sahlep, which is a warm, sweet milky drink made from tubers of an orchid (or so wikipedia says.. but its delicious!). We had some great time chatting together.

Dress: BtSSB Tartan JSK
Blouse: Anna House
Shoes: Bodyline

The bracelet was a gift from Mitsu and the bow in my hair was a gift from Ruki.
I've such wonderful friends ♥

May 9, 2017

Late LBC: If I had a lolita cafe

When I came across this theme I knew I have to describe my idea of a perfect cafe! My lolita friendly cafe would feature pastel colors combined with navy and astronomical themes.

The walls would go from pink close to the floor through sax on the walls and navy on the ceiling. The floor would be cotton candy pink and the navy ceiling would have lights shaped like Moon and planets, with little spot lights in between to symbolize stars.

There would be star shaped pastel baloons tied at several places for decoration and shelves shaped like clouds on the walls displaying pastel plushies. The furniture would be pink and white and the chairs would be cushioned for comfort and part of the cafe could be 'walled off' by a short, white decorative fence so a group which had reservation didn't have to mingle with the random visitors if they wished so.

There would be sofa with decorative boxes and toys in pastel colors beside it to take sweetest photos on, and a few full lenght mirrors. The cafe would serve sweets and various fruits, tea and colorful fruit coctails and iced tea. High tea would be possible to order too and a part of the wall would be dedicated to visitors leaving behind their polaroids for all to enjoy.

What would be your dream cafe like?