November 6, 2018

AP's Fancy Box: camera comparison

I always keep striving to have nice photographs, as a memory and also to convey the beautiful details on lolita dresses. Often times, light conditions are pretty poor, and then it will matter what device I grabbed to take the photo.

Sometimes I wonder how much it really matters... so  I took my favorite Fancy Box JSK and went to try it with an extremely poor light, just a weak lightbulb at night.

The full scene, processed photo taken by Nikon D7200

I compare just the middle of the bodice
I didn't smooth or denoise the images
I took photos with three devices

  • Smartphone Samsung P9 Lite            
  • Digital camera Nikon COOLPIX P520
  • Reflex camera Nikon D7200               
Smartphone (f/2 1/17 sec. ISO 800)
Digital camera (f/3 1/8 sec. ISO 200)
Reflex camera (f/3.5 1/50 sec. ISO 1000)
The details on the image from smartphone are pretty much nonexistent. Both smartphone and the digital camera failed to capture the beautiful blue of the dress, it looks just like navy in their images. The reflex camera has the most details, and captured the blue well, but it suffers some from color noise.

The reflex camera is new for me so I still have to learn to use it well.. maybe I should have gone with lower ISO (the higher the ISO the higher the color noise), but this tiny noise does not seem to be a problem much in the overall photo of the dress as shown on top, as I reduce the dimensions of the image for web use. The reflex camera is going to be my new favorite!

Stock photo, the blue is true to reality

October 16, 2018

Teaparties are not all the same

Teaparties are favorite sweet lolita shoes. I love them the best and so far have them in three colors, more to come! However, there are slight differences in the look of them from different makers. The originals were made by Angelic Pretty.

First teaparties I could get were from An*Tai*Na. They are less round on the tip and the front bow is sort of flattened against the shoe.

Sosic also makes teaparties ( ClobbaOnline ). They look somewhat better, but they still have sad front bow flattered over the shoe, even if nicer one than Antaina shoes.. probably cute for more classic and less pastel outfits, but personally.. I don't like this kind of bow.

Secret Shop's teaparties I like the best, just look at the crispy front bow! The upper part of the bow is folded, so it's more perky. Another teaparties by Secret Shop I found have the front bow like the original Angelic Pretty's one, I guess they may have more than one design?

I just have no idea which shoes I would get if I bought them from ClobbaOnline? All these are listed as the same item.. first remind Ribbon Romantic Shoes, second are teaparties with flattened front bow, and third the tea parties I love. Don't they see the difference or they don't care? Do *you* mind the differences?

September 24, 2018

2018/06 Steampunk meetup in Prague

I haven't seen my friends since Christmas, finishing my doctorate from math, so I jumped at first opportunity and met my friends at an alternative clothing swap meet. We met in front of a running sushi restaurant Jiu Zhou and I finally got my first running sushi ^.^ It was awesome. After lunch, we moved to the steampunk bar for the swap meet. The outside of the club was breathtaking. 

Blouse: Angelic Pretty                          
Shoes: An*Tai*Na                                
Accessories: offbrand                          

Tairesia's Metamorphose print and my Fancy Box print

The inside was very dark, crammed with metallic sculptures and occasional neon lights.

Most of the clothing was goth-like and black, so hard to see in the dark. This was the only sweet island in the sea of black, with pastel ruffly skirts and petticoats. So-so managed to photoshop it out of the dark for you to see. 

After checking the goods, we decided to settle in our favourite Choco Café, a chocolaterie with own specialty chocolate factory.

I decided to try one of those macarons with icecream, chocolate with chocolate icecream, because double chocolate! Definetly worth it :)

And Yuki got her late birthday present. Just look at that smile! ^.^

The meetup from the point of view of Tairesia

September 3, 2018

Inspiration: Bonniviwii

Image Source
A sweet lolita with one of the cutest smiles ever, I first came across her outfits on her Tumblr. She also has an Instagram and a blog, in pretty pastel colors, with lots of cute photos like these photos of Milky Cross details :3

Bonni-jane is a design graduate from Melbourne and beside fashion and photography she also likes cosplay, dogs, udon noodles, and pokemon - also collects pokemon cards and stationery! She wears mostly sweet lolita (Wardrobe post 2016 , 2017 ) and loves pink and yellow. She is 154 cm tall, so the dresses look perfect lenght on her - I wish I was a bit shorter too :3
A bunch of her coords is listed in her 2017 post. Of course, being sweet lolita myself, my favourites are her Angelic Pretty's pastel coordinates, but she can also make wonderful coord from Bodyline dress!

Note: If you wonder why the tumblr opens only in side panel and you can't view the tumblr's Archive page, it is because the blog is set to be hidden from search engines ;]

August 4, 2018

Main piece wishlist

Over the last few years, I've hunted down the pieces I coveted the most.. now I don't have an absolute favorite to keep looking for, but I plan to get some of these sweet Angelic Pretty dresses eventually.. (excluding these I never expect to find at reasonable price: La Princesse Sucre dress and Wish Me Mell Tea Time dress.)

      Toy Parade OP (2012)             Sugary Carnival OP           Decoration Dream apron skirt

           Milky Planet OP                    Sugar Hearts OP             Fancy Paper Dolls tiered JSK

Misty Sky skirt (2012) or (2013) in sax

Right, I love the old era of sweet. What dresses are *you* looking for? 

August 1, 2018

Meet the lolita!

There happened an awesome idea on Rufflechat, Meet the Lolita! The idea is to make a collage about yourself, so people can get to know about you and to discover if you've something in common. The idea got to international scale and there are over hundred images on Instagram under #meetthelolita tag!

I have made mine too! Since I couldn't really decide on a favorite dresses, I went with accessories I love instead ♥ Do you like it? Did you or do you plan to make yours too! Show off in comments! =^.^=

My blank version, free to use :)
Click the image for full resolution.

June 3, 2018

Inspiration: damare_kozou

damare_kozou was one of my greatest sweet lolita inspirations. She was a well know lolita in Japan. I love her style, the distinct face and afro-like, often colorful hair :3 

She wrote to this blog between 2007 and 2008, and to  her between 2008 and 2013. I like mostly her pictures from before 2012. Later she preferred to
incorporate sweet lolita pieces into everyday wear, got married in 2012 and went quiet on her social media in 2013.

She wrote a tutorial about her makeup and layering of eyelashes, which is quite useful, as least since we have google translate nowadays.

I tagged a handful of her coord pictures on Tumblr.

April 16, 2018

2014: My third frilly year

I attended just two meetups this year,
and a tiny picnic with my friend Tairesia in July.

My wardrobe's storage finally got a huge upgrade!

From January to April, I bought pretty much all pieces for my navy x pink astronomical outfit I've been dreaming about. I really wanted Angelic Pretty Dreamy Horoscope JSK in navy but for long I didn't dare to invest so much into a 'childish' sack dress like that. Costing me 200 USD before shipping and taxes, it's my most expensive piece, but it's so pretty. Definetly worth it :3

I also utterly failed on a wig. Since wigs are so common and nice in this fashion, I wanted to get one too! I got a short twin-tail wig in milky color, which turned out to be rather light brown instead, but the wig is from nice, heat-resistant fibers. Just the stupid wig caps slide off my head! How does one put on this, even? I have to find that out...

Picking new petticoat turned out to be huge success. My only petticoat is deflated beyond help short of a miracle, but I came across Bunny House and got a wonderful but affordable Bunny House petticoat!

It was a year of changes for me. I got pregnant so I bought a few suitable pieces to wear lolita fashion even with big belly. The BtSSB Cherry patterned mesh op in black is from stretchy cutsew material and highwasted (more on this dress..), the BtSSB cutsew is very spacious, and AP Precocious lady JSK in pink is highwaisted too  (more on this dress..).

So much new brand this year! To avoid sweating on it in summer, I bought a Cosmic replica *cough* *cough* for casual wear in summer and since there was a trouble with the seller I ended up with accessories as a compensation. I would really like to find someone with the original and compare the pieces.. all I had discerened from the stock photos is the replica doesn't have that black underbust line.

And also got a couple random things: an offbrand bag, Bodyline's tote bag, frilly OTKs in white and black, and new shoes since mine are quite falling apart

I gave birth to a baby boy in September. I was tired a lot and taking nonstop care of the baby meant switching from laptop to smartphone for me, so to pass the time I started to tumblr, sorting lolita fashion pictures by brand and print on Sweet Dreamworld (over 13,000 sorted images by 2017). Here's a list of the prints you can click on to get just images of the print of interest.

My photographing skills reached an acceptable level, so I finally tried my hand at blogging at autumn and wrote a few blog posts on my livejournal, now inactive. The posts were moved to my blogspot.

2014-06 Got an Angelic Pretty Precocious Lady JSK, yay!
2014-10 Way too indepth look at some brand socks.
2014-11 Chess Story : Marriage d'Amour JSK

To the end of the year, I got another dream print, Wonder Party in sax. I really liked it from first sight but seeing it in person last year, I made my mind about buying it. The dress is quite expensive so I got a skirt.. I needed a fancy skirt anyway!

I wore lolita fashion a lot this year. As my wardrobe is of decent size now, and suitable for various temperatures, I could wear lolita fashion nearly daily.

It was my best year so far! What were you doing in 2014?