December 13, 2015

2015 My fourth frilly year

In the year 2015, I was finally comfortable enough with my wardrobe to make my first wardrobe post.

Otherwise, for me it was mostly the year of baby care and terrible lack of sleep. By the end of 2015, it was two years since I could sleep for longer than 3 continuous hours. I didn't want to drag the baby on long drives to meetups, so I have not attended any meetups this year. That did not stop me from dressing up occasionally, though!

I regularly dressed up into lolita for walks with the carriage, although there was no time to take photos. I hoped mirror photos would be my salvation, but the space is too narrow!

And I finally took the dive and got a fringe!

For my wardrobe, I got some essentials I was yearning to get for quite a long time. A really cute Angelic Pretty blouse, with shirring, star embroided lace and removable sleeves.

Two darling AP cutsews, one in sax and one in white

A secret shop star shooting otks in ivory

And finally.. Angelic Pretty woolen coat in brown with removable fake fur. Usually, I would not get brown - I have like nothing brown to match it with, but I liked the cut and it was pretty cheap for their woolen coat! And now I can finally wear the fashion in winter too!

Thats all, for the year 2015!