December 31, 2012

2012: My first frilly year

I've a contemplating mood latedly. Looking back, I realized my style is far from where I started, but a lot like what made me fall in love with lolita fashion. So this is a story of my beginning days... a diary to keep track of how far I've come.

I was a tomboy before I discovered lolita, so when I bought secondhand my first brand dress and a skirt, I realized they were first feminine clothes I ever bought.

I had to get stocked on some essentials (like shoes! :D) if I wanted to wear them! I made, back then for me, HUGE Bodyline order, consisting of an OP, JSK, short sleeve blouse, long sleeve blouse, printed OTKs and shoes.

I wanted to be part of the community, so I started to take photos. It didn't go well at all. My old camera and Garmin GPS device (I get lost so easily I need to carry GPS with me, lol!) didn't do. Theres no wonder I ended up filing the images away to never look at them again. Nowadays I take much better photos than these, here's some tips how!

Then in November 2012, I attended my first fashion meetup!

I got to see prints first time in person on the meetup. I hopelessly fell in love with them and my first sweet prints followed in second package from Bodyline: Magical Cosmetics skirt and Love Jewelry skirt, along with first bolero..
Bodyline really needs to get better stock pictures.

In the end I didn't wear these and 4 years later it still sits in my closet unworn... because I fell in love with Angelic Pretty. Although wonderfull to look at, I consedired the pastels and frills of Angelic Pretty unattainable goal. Maybe I wasn't bold enough? Who knows. But the game changed when I got my first Angelic Pretty dress at September 2012.

The amount of ruffles and bows and lace is incredible, yet it still looks pleasant and well balaced! So sweet, baby pink color like a cotton candy I'd bet it gives people diabetes.

The last few secondhand purchases of the year were an Innocent World cutsew to match my Florence OP dress, a random blouse which end up having a stretched out elastics, and a cute dusty pink bag. 

You can tell I'm so far sticking to pink / dusty pick / cream / white colors, to be able to combine the few fashion items I have freely, but that is going to change next years as I build up my wardrobe!