June 6, 2019

2019-03 Chocolate meetup

Another year went by and Yuki with Mitsu made another chocolate meetup in Prague's Choco Cafe! We went together with Tairesia and saw some nice scenery in Prague on the way there.

On the left is neo-gothic Kranner's Fountain, and on the right rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross, a romanesque rotunda built in 12th century.

The theme of the meetup was chocolate, so a lot of people went with chocolate prints or brown pieces. Since I don't own anything like that, I opted for general sweets outfit with cakes and macarons and cupcakes in print!

Dress:Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream apron-style JSK
Blouse: Bodyline
Headbow, OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Pink bow: made by Yuki 💖

There was also this french lolita with gorgerous Triple Fortune outfit complete with one of those Triple Fortune bonnets!

We each got a cute welcoming package. At the time, we did not yet know how useful the macaron pens will be during the meetup.

We had banquet available with cakes and other baked goods, all in neat, small pieces, and drinks. The chocolate ones were delicious and not overly sweet, but between chocolate degustation, drinking hot chocolate, and these cakes, I bet people's desire for chocolate was satiated for upcomming month and beyond!

For me, the highlight of the meetup was a chocolate workshop we could sign in to in advance. We had the unique opportunity for a tour in a small chocolate factory in the back of the cafe, where they make their own chocolate products, and to create our own custom chocolate.

We got to hear some talk about history and processing of the chocolate beans. During the processing, the beans are divided into chocolate powder and chocolate butter. Which means, white chocolate containing chocolate butter is real chocolate too! Yay!

We got to taste the raw beans, and also the roasted beans. They tasted like a bitter, crunchy version of the cooking chocolate powder from stores. The guide said she likes to chew on the roasted chocolate beans instead of nuts when watching tv!

Then we tasted different kinds of chocolates and also got the ingredients to make our own. We got raw chocolate chips, chopped pecan nuts, chopped dried cherries, coconut, ginger, chilli, salt, and some sprinkles. We poured the chocolate into a mold, decorated with the ingredients, and handed it to the guide. Note! An important thing about making chocolate at home is correctly tempering the molten chocolate, which results in a smooth, nice surface when you remove it from the mold.

I put over my outfit a transparent one-use rain coat to protect it! Friends thought its fun, but it served the purpose. I put a lot of cherries into my chocolate, and also some chopped nuts, and a little bit of salt into one corner. When the chocolates were finished, we could pack them up. Of course I couldn't resist and bought also one of their own chocolates, with cinnamon and coffee.

And there were games and events! Aside the chocolate workshop, there was a raffle, a group knowledge contest, a chocolate themed word puzzle to fill, and activities point card!

The points were given for
  • chocolate themed outfit
  • finishing the word puzzle
  • answering question in the word puzzle
  • group knowledge contest
  • attending chocolate workshop
  • naming at least three chocolate prints
  • selfie with anything chocolate posted to the fb event

I really tackled it down and managed to finish everything including taking this chocolate selfie and won the contest! I hope I wasnt too enhtusiastic to be on everyones nerves, I was really happy to see everyone and it was wonderfully put together meetup! I'm looking forward to next years'!

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March 19, 2019

2015 My fourth frilly year

In the year 2015, I was finally comfortable enough with my wardrobe to make my first wardrobe post.

Otherwise, for me it was mostly the year of baby care and terrible lack of sleep. By the end of 2015, it was two years since I could sleep for longer than 3 continuous hours. I didn't want to drag the baby on long drives to meetups, so I have not attended any meetups this year. That did not stop me from dressing up occasionally, though!

I regularly dressed up into lolita for walks with the carriage, although there was no time to take photos. I hoped mirror photos would be my salvation, but the space is too narrow!

And I finally took the dive and got a fringe!

For my wardrobe, I got some essentials I was yearning to get for quite a long time. A really cute Angelic Pretty blouse, with shirring, star embroided lace and removable sleeves.

Two darling AP cutsews, one in sax and one in white

A secret shop star shooting otks in ivory

And finally.. Angelic Pretty woolen coat in brown with removable fake fur. Usually, I would not get brown - I have like nothing brown to match it with, but I liked the cut and it was pretty cheap for their woolen coat! And now I can finally wear the fashion in winter too!

Thats all, for the year 2015!

February 28, 2019

Angelic Pretty's Lyrical Bunny Short Coat

Angelic Pretty's Lyrical Bunny Short Coat is the coat I was fawning over for a couple of years. I really love the lavender colorway, but the ivory colorway is more universal. The pink colorway does not let the details stand out so much. When I found the coat for a good price on ClosetChild, for once I did not hesitate and bought it right away!

I haven't bought from ClosetChild before, but they have easy to navigate e-shop and detailed instructions for abroad customers. The site then redirected me to PayPal to pay. After a few weeks and dealing with our customs, the coat arrived to me! And its just as awesome and cute and soft as I imagined.. 

The coat is made from fleece but is lined, and has two cute, heart shaped pockets. The furry part with ears is detachable, and fixes to the hood with buttons. The coat has cute heart shaped buttons hidden to button it up and a snap fastener at the top - but that one keeps opening all the time. It's the cutest coat ever!

And here's my end of winter coord with the coat :)

Dress:Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream apron-style JSK
Coat:Angelic Pretty's Lyrical Bunny Short Coat
OTKs, Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

February 27, 2019

2018-12 Christmas lolita meetup in Brno

As usual, our country's christmas meetups happened in the three biggest cities. I went to the one in Brno, four hours by a car. My partner drove me and Tairesia, and we also took our son. The boys went to ride trams and see christmas fair while we enjoyed the meetup.

It was held in Cat Cafe - named after the decorations, not live cats. The elevated floor of the café was carpeted, roomy, and all reserved for our event! One of the smaller side rooms was even temporarily turned into a coatroom.

 Photo by Cat Café

As the meetup happened quite early, between Halloween and Christmas, Mitsu with Jane got the idea of merging them both and calling it Nightmare of the Christmas Meet. That resulted in very innovative decorations!

Photos by CrownPhotographs

Photo by Yukísek Photo
I don't really have any spooky outfit or something which could dabble as a costume, so I went with sort of space cat theme :D

Photo by Yukísek Photo

Blouse: TaoBao                                 
Dress: AP's Dreamy Horoscope JSK
Shoes: AnTaiNa                                
Accessories: TaoBao & offbrand       

My accessories! The necklace (my favorite ♥ ) was made by Tairesia

Tairesia, me, and Ruki. Photo by CrownPhotographs

There were a lot of activities ready, like a quiz, drawing contest, a ticket raffle. We also had a buffet table with plenty of food available, and of course we braved the cold to take group photo!

We got a package with small gifts upon arrival, which I opened later, and also exchanged christmas gifts with friends. And then it was time to go home already...

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