March 14, 2018

Retrospecting Last Year's Resolutions

Last year, I've made a bunch of lolita resolutions
How did I do with fulfilling them?  

  Do a closet cleaning

Done! Sold a few things and I continue selling dresses I don't wear this year too. Facebook crossed my plans by deleting my alternative account (I probably shouldn't have entered obviously not real name Ruffle Cloud) but I plan to go to Vinted.

  Search for my dream dress

Angelic Pretty's Fancy Box Shoulder Frill JSK in navy, obtained! A first I bought the navy JSK, but then was lucky enough to find a person to swap with for the shoulder frill cut :3

  Decorate my bedroom

Done! I bought a clothes hanger, pink cover, and hang a picture, this is how it looked after! I also    carpeted the floor this winter. More enhancements are to be added yet, but it looks much better than before already!

  Go to Angelic Pretty tea party

Failed. I was to go with friends to Paris, but eventually everyone else decided not to go. I decided to soo not go alone x.x

  Write this blog at least bi-weekly
Done! With 37 posts last year, I fulfilled my goal. I wrote less to the end of the year, as I'm finishing my dissertation instead :3

  Keep both of my Tumblrs active
Failed. I'm moving off tumblr. I keep randomly filling the queque of my prints picture collection, but I stopped posting much to my personal lolita tumblr. Planning to move to Instagram instead, as it's more favored by lolita community!

Take more coord pictures

Definetly done! Still not as many pictures as I wanted :3

I think last year has been a huge success.
This year I still have to write down my resolutions! 

I'm kidding, its already March now. Time for a break :3

March 5, 2018

Casual AP Salopette

Hello! I felt like pulling out my salopette today so I created a sort of casual home coord with it! I can be pretty even when hanging around at home, right? :3

Salopette, OTKs: Angelic Pretty's Country of Sweets
Skirt: Anna House
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

My favorite detail of the salopette's bodice :3

February 23, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone and I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day ♥ I was sick most of the month, so I got to take a photo of my Valetine's day present only now. I got a set of PINK tools! =^.^=

   Dress: Angelic Pretty
 Headbow: Bodyline
 Wristcuffs: offbrand
  Tools: EXTOL Lady

February 20, 2018

2017/12 Christmas meetup in Brno

It is a tradition of the lolita fashion enthusiasts to make a Christmas meetup here. Over the years, this fragmented into three Christmas meetups where most of the communitys members live, in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. The reservations fill up quick for them. I was in luck this year and was able to come to Brno Christmas meetup, where most of my friends went as well! I travelled with my friend Tairesia, and since we were early by a lot, we also visited christmas marketplace and some cute shops. I bought some accessories and a pastel set of tools for decorating cupcakes.

The meetup happened in a gluten free restaurant Fresh Freaks, we took for ourselves their back room but eventually spilled over half the restaurant :3 

When we arrived, Mitsu was already preparing the meetup. Tairesia took over decorating the christmas tree!
Photo by Yukísek Photo
For the entrance fee for the meetup, we got a small packet with cute things and sweets, and coupons for a pumpkin soup and quiche from the restaurant's menu. Both were wonderfully delicious :3 Before everyone arrived, dusk was already closing in, so we took our photos outside in the nearby park quite at the last moment!

Photo by Reina
Photo by Yukísek Photo
This is my most favorite photo from the shooting! Me on the left, my friend Tairesia, and Amy, a lolita from Texas which now lives in Czech Republic. Somehow, we ended up representing the main substyles of Lolita fashion, sweet, classic and gothic lolita! ♥

Photo by Yukísek Photo
                                Skirt: BtSSB Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito
                                Blouse: Angelic Pretty
                                Bolero: Bodyline
                                Shoes: An*Tai*Na
                                Accessories: TaoBao, offbrand

The meetup had a program, consisting of a raffle, giving presents to friends, and also a lolita knowledge contest - I pretty much failed that one. Many of the questions were aimed on local lolita comunity and small local brands, which I'm not quite up to. Czech enthusiasts tend to learn to sew and make heir own clothing, and then make a tiny brand of clothing to also sell them to friends and other community members, but it's mostly aimed at classic lolitas as far as I saw. Anyway, here's some of my favorites outfits I saw around on the meetup!

Photo by Reina                                           Photo by Reina

Photo by Reina                                   

After the meetup, our friend Ruki took us home by a car. That has been wonderful of him, as the public transport back does not go that late. We all had a wonderfl day and I hope I can attend the next christmas meetup too!

Read about the meetup from 

January 19, 2018

Wardrobe 2018

It's fourth wardrobe post! I like the tradition, to review past year and reflect on the progress made... my wardobe didn't change much, as I'm mostly satisfied with it (and also out of wardrobe space!). I got some fillers, some things I missed, a handful of accessories, and my dream dress :3 Yay for Fancy Box Shoulder Frill JSK in blue!

I wear sweet lolita, mostly Angelic Pretty. BtSSB is close second, and Bodyline makes for durable daily wear and housework wear... although I love pastels, I somehow ended up with alot of navy dresses. And with a handful of stellar-themed prints, but I blame my love for astronomy for that!

Anyway, three years ago, I was pretty wordy about my wardrobe, so this time I chose more of a catalog style format. The images are clickable for full resolution, and the links lead to their lolibrary entries, wow! 

Not pictured separately: petticoats, bloomers.

When I open my closet..



 AP Precocious Lady JSK            AP Dolce OP                Bodyline Sailor OP               Dear Celine OP

   Loli-loli paradise JSK             BtSSB cutsew OP             AP A la Carte.. salo          BtSSB Cherry... OP

     IW Bouquet Doll OP  Chess Story Marriage d'Amour            Bodyline                     IW Florence OP

BtSSB Floral Lace..JSK     AP Dreamy Horoscope JSK  Loli-loli paradise OP         Dream of Lolita JSK

         AP Fancy Box                         BtSSB                             Bodyline                          Bodyline   


BtSSB Twinkle Constellation...                      AP Wonder Party                             Dream of Lolita 

              Anna House                                          Bodyline                        Bodyline Magical Cosmetics


                                              Bodyline                            HMHM Star embroidery


                                 Bodyline                              Bodyline                           Infanta

                                Bodyline                          Anna House                     Anna House    

                                Angelic Pretty                                        TaoBao


                           Angelic Pretty                      Angelic Pretty                         Bodyline

                                 Offbrand                       Innocent World                       BtSSB             


Cardigans and Boleros   

          Bodyline                             Bodyline                            Bodyline                               Bodyline 

         Bodyline                                Offbrand                           Offbrand                              Offbrand

                                                      Bodyline                          offbrand


              Bodyline                  An*Tai*Na                        Bodyline                        An*Tai*Na           








Coat and parasol 

                                                                 AP Jewelry girl coat