June 22, 2013

2013/06 Picnic in Ceske Budejovice

It's middle of the winter in January, but I still can't help myself and think of the warmer times...  At the brink of summer, our comm used to have a picnic in a park. While it was not a trace of cold, but the air was still not hot as in summer. We had great time together, ate snacks we brought, chatted, and stayed until late afternoon. It was my first and last picnic with the comm before it fell apart, so I am very fond of the memory. Some photos to remember it by...

Me, Jůlinka in the middle and Stella to the right.


     Dress: Angelic Pretty Dolce OP in pink
 Shoes: Bodyline                                  
  Accessories: Offbrand                         

In retrospect, the dark pink tights may go with the headbow and the bows on the dress, but it's way too much of dark pink on one place.

June 15, 2013

2013-06 Meetup at city carnival in Pilsen

The Pilsen lolita fashion community set up a meetup at the city's carnival fair. It was just two hours of travel away so I joined in! The carnival happened on the main square of the city with Cathedral of St. Bartolomeus.of the photos.

My journey started while it was still chilly, I opted for a warmer outfit and  removed layers as it got hotter. I didn't want to risk any brand in the crowds equipped by lemonade cups and cotton candy, so I pulled out my replica of Milky Planet.

Dress: Dream of Lolita
Bolero: Bodyline         
OTKs: Metamorphose 
Shoes: Bodyline           

People in masks walked between the public, and there were stands with goods, a lot of food and drink stands, and activities for children. The sun was mercilessly hot though and I was so very glad I carry a parasol on regular basis!

When the temperature went above 30C, I gave up on the OTKs and created my probably most cringeworthy outfit ever with socks and spare bulky cotton wristcuffs. Ouch. Although it was likely my worst outfit ever, the last photo was still the best moment of the whole festival. I was so happy to come across someone in costume of Geralt from Rivia, a hero from fantasy book serie Wiedzmin (Witcher) by polish author Sapkowski! =^.^=

June 14, 2013

2013-06 Meetup in Ostrava

I really looked forward to meeting Ostrava comm! The comm is mostly led by these two beautiful lolitas and good friends, Domi on the left in her own handmade and handpainted dress, and Silvia in black x pink outfit. I wore a pink AP dress, but I felt like such an ugly potato beside these two!

We met in a wonderful, small cake shop, complete with an oen couch and an assortment of sweets!

Of course I couldn't resist ordering a sundae :3

Once again with the sweet Domi! It's such a pity Ostrava is so far for me,
I'd love to hang out with the comm :3 Until next time, then!

The meetup on Fragile Figurine's blog