June 6, 2014

2014-06 Got an Angelic Pretty Precocious Lady JSK, yay!

The summer is comming and I realized all my lolita clothing is heavy cotton. It was time for some summer shopping! Then I saw this Sales post.

Name: Precocious Lady JSK 
Brand: Angelic Pretty 
Year: 2013


2014-06-06 Today I got in mail a package with Precocious Lady JSK, yay!

 photo P1050943_kopie.jpg 

Its really incredible for summer. The jaquard layer is thin but beautiful, the dress has a thin satin layer under it and built-in satin petticoat. Theres very forgiving shirring in the back and the straps have two buttons in back to adjust the lenght. The color is a bit peachy pink shade, not the usual baby pink, but I have stuff to coord with it anyway! The waistline is high, so I can easily fit in even during pregnancy, and it still has lot of shirring in reserve =^.^= This is going to be great for hot weather, but Ive a cute sweater of exactly the same shade of peachy pink for colder summer too!

 photo precociousladydetails.jpg

 photo precociouslady2.jpg

 photo precociousladycold.jpg

2014-06-08 I took the dress for sunday's lunch, so I have a worn photo! =^.^= 

 photo P1050896-Kopie.jpg

June 3, 2014

2014-06 Meetup in Brno

In June 2014, I asked my friends in Brno for a small meetup. It will be the last one for me for a good while. I picked my most sack dress, Angelic Pretty Dreamy Horoscope JSK in navy, and paired it with navy An*Tai*Na tea parties, pink Bodyline bolero, TaoBao OTKs, and a loads of pastel offbrand accessories.

Amai came in Angelic Pretty's Sweet Cream House apron skirt, it has such a wonderful print and she was so cute in it! Kiki took a cherry printed high-waisted Bodyline skirt.

Oh wow I got a nice present from Kiki! It was so thoughtful of her. Yes that's right, I'm expecting a baby and won't be able to attend meetups for a good while, as I live in different city. Actually, on the meetup photo I'm already in 7th month ^.^ I went from normal dresses to high-waistdresses to sack dresses, frills all the way! :)