December 13, 2015

2015 My fourth frilly year

In the year 2015, I was finally comfortable enough with my wardrobe to make my first wardrobe post.

Otherwise, for me it was mostly the year of baby care and terrible lack of sleep. By the end of 2015, it was two years since I could sleep for longer than 3 continuous hours. I didn't want to drag the baby on long drives to meetups, so I have not attended any meetups this year. That did not stop me from dressing up occasionally, though!

I regularly dressed up into lolita for walks with the carriage, although there was no time to take photos. I hoped mirror photos would be my salvation, but the space is too narrow!

And I finally took the dive and got a fringe!

For my wardrobe, I got some essentials I was yearning to get for quite a long time. A really cute Angelic Pretty blouse, with shirring, star embroided lace and removable sleeves.

Two darling AP cutsews, one in sax and one in white

A secret shop star shooting otks in ivory

And finally.. Angelic Pretty woolen coat in brown with removable fake fur. Usually, I would not get brown - I have like nothing brown to match it with, but I liked the cut and it was pretty cheap for their woolen coat! And now I can finally wear the fashion in winter too!

Thats all, for the year 2015!

November 2, 2015

2015-11 Tumblr explained for lolita

Tumblr is a microblogging site. That means you can have there a bog, but the blogs entries tend to be short. The blog entry can be a text, image, video, or others, but most blog entries are images.

You can find several general types of blogs

  • Personal blogs, where a person writes about their life, daily coordinates, and such.   
  • Theme blogs, where one collects pictures on some theme, e.g. classic lolita, pink pictures,..
  • Blogs which allow uploads by other people and so are a group effort.

There are different ways to interact with posts on tumblr. You can:
  • upload your own posts (images and videos ect from computer or other sites)
  • reblog posts of other users (and so add them to your own blog)   
  • like posts of other users (which does not add them to your own blog)

A lot of lolitas have a tumblr blog where they reblog pictures from other tumblrs they follow, and also upload their own pictures, or whatever catches their fancy around internet - yaplog pictures for example. To search or sort through the content, tags are used. They are a bit like computer folder, but one post can have numerous tags. 

Tip: think out your tags strategy beforehand. For example, a drawing of Cosmic JSK ccould have tags: #lolita #angelic pretty #cosmic #white #drawing or whatever you like.

Legal rights 

However, what most ignore is that to upload a picture to tumblr, you basically state that you own copyright rights to the said picture AND you grant that right to tumblr. Which means that you should upload only pictures you own copyright to (or were given permission by the owner) but you can reblog anything on tumblr within tumblr. Thats the legally correct way, but most people upload even other content and just state the source they took it from. Its not legally correct. What is also frowned upon is to save a tumblr picture to your computer, then upload it as a new post - because then it no longer states original source and you steal the credit for it.  

Tip: Write the name of your blog on your own pictures! Even when re-uploaded, the name of your blog stays, and will direct people who see the picture to your blog.

More reading...
Unwrapping Tumblr is a kind of encyclopaedia I found useful. It explains many nuances, features and workings of Tumblr. Not satisfied with Tumblr webpage's capacities? Theres ways to tweak and enhance the interface. Not having enough own photos? You can use Creative Commons Licence photos! And one another article about Creative Commons, Fair Use, and Copyright I found insightful.

July 27, 2015

2015-07 Swimsuits!

The summer comming, I decided its time to pick a proper swimsuit. Having no idea what I am getting into - I can't even swim yet! I started skimming google images to see what is available on market.. fast forward a lot of pictures and adjusting of the query later, I found one I liked. 

I clicked it to see the details.. aww. Metamorphose! I guess I should have expected it to be a lolita brand. Normal clothing does not appeal to me anymore! Not even swimsuits, not even when they're in lolibrary. Taobao could be maybe be a source of a decent swimsuit .. used to make these: 


And here is one more hime gyaru style, but good enough.

Metamorphose also made a hideous printed swimsuit set, bikini and one piece options. They don't even have anyhting common with lolita aesthetics. Meta, whyy?

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright surprisingly also made bathing sets in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. I guess they didn't sell all too well? No wonder.

Two other designs I found are available only for children. Why theres sexy but not cute designs like these in adult sizes? -.-

A day will come when I find a loliable swimsuit, and not just on a picture, but it is not this day..

July 17, 2015

2015-07 How to make a nice bow?

This is the way I do it!

Neck bow

Waist ties


2015-07 What is my Lolita Level?

Gamers rejoice! We can find our lolita level based on this quiz! This is mine for July 2015 .. its very long To-Do list o.O  Total points: 55, well-rounded lolita! Most missed points concern meeting others, since I've no comm nearby.
  • You have a favorite brand
  • You own a petticoat
  • You own multiple petticoats in different cuts and/or lengths
  • You own a parasol
  • You own an item from a brand
  • You own a novelty item from a brand (plates, mugs, stuffed animals, home decor, and other "non-wearables")
  • You own an item from Bodyline
  • You own an item from a Taobao brand
  • You own an item from a Western indie brand
  • You own an item you bought of eBay, Amazon, or a shady website and it came out okay
  • You've bought brand directly from their official store
  • You've bought a lucky pack
  • You bought an item in reserve
  • You own a complete Lolita outfit
  • You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public
  • You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public and it wasn't even on Halloween or at a convention
  • 12/16

  • You've bought and sold on an online Lolita community
  • You've paid retail price for a rare secondhand brand
  • You've paid double the retail price for a rare secondhand brand
  • You've paid less than 20% the retail price for secondhand brand (ex: you paid $40 for a piece that originally cost $200)
  • You've bought from a Japanese auction
  • You've ordered from a shopping service
  • You wear clothes you've made for yourself
  • You wear a print you've designed yourself
  • You wear clothes you've had custom made for you
  • Have had brand pieces altered to fit your size or style
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over a year
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over 5 years
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over a decade
  • You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a week
  • You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a month
  • You've converted an interested friend to Lolita
  • 5/16

  • You wear brand with your "normal" wardrobe
  • You don't have a "normal" wardrobe because you only wear Lolita
  • You know how to handwash your Lolita clothes
  • You know how to wash a wig
  • You've worn a wig, circle lenses, or false eyelashes
  • You've worn a wig, circle lenses, and false eyelashes all at once
  • You own a pair of rocking horse shoes
  • You own a pair of tea party shoes
  • You own a purse shaped like something ridiculous
  • You own an old school rectangle headdress
  • You own a bonnet
  • You own Lolita roomwear or pajamas
  • You own a Lolita item that was released this past year
  • You own a Lolita item that was released over 6 years ago
  • You own a Lolita item that was released over 10 years ago
  • You own every item released in a favorite print/series
  • 9/16

  • You've worn something on your head that was never intended to be worn on a head
  • You've worn a trendy accessory (deer horns, halos, peignoirs, eyeballs, etc)
  • You've worn Sweet Lolita
  • You've worn Classic Lolita
  • You've worn Gothic Lolita
  • You've worn Old School Lolita
  • You've worn Boystyle
  • You've worn one of the lesser worn Lolita substyles such as Punk, Ero, Wa, or Guro
  • You know the difference between a JSK and an OP
  • You can name at least 5 prints
  • You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them
  • You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them, even if they're not a print
  • You can tell which year a brand piece came from just by looking at it
  • You've taken Lolita outfit snaps
  • You've traveled to visit a fancy looking place just to take outfit snaps
  • You've started a trend that others have followed
  • 10/16

  • You own a Gothic & Lolita Bible
  • You own every single Gothic & Lolita Bible
  • Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible
  • Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible because you're a model for a brand
  • You own a Lolita sewing pattern book
  • You've made something from a Lolita sewing pattern book
  • You've seen Kamikaze Girls
  • You've read Kamikaze Girls
  • You've met Novala Takemoto
  • You've met Misako Aoki
  • Misako Aoki has made you an official Lolita ambassador
  • You've met one of your favorite Lolita designers
  • You've learned how to sew/craft just so you can make your own Lolita clothes/accessories
  • You've decorated your house/bedroom to match your Lolita wardrobe
  • Your Lolita wardrobe is part of your decor (ex: you display your hats on a shelf, keep a mannequin dressed up on display, etc)
  • You've been interviewed for a newspaper/magazine article for wearing Lolita
  • 2/16

  • You've made friends through Lolita
  • You've made friends in foreign countries through Lolita
  • You've celebrated International Lolita Day
  • You have a separate facebook profile just for Lolita
  • You're known by a different name when you wear Lolita
  • You've twinned with someone
  • You've tripleted with people
  • You've been part of a group of clones
  • You've taken purikura in Lolita before
  • You have a purikura app on your phone
  • You've had to explain what you were wearing to a stranger
  • You've been called a princess by small children
  • Old ladies have complimented you and remarked how nice it is to see young people dressed so nicely
  • You've been called Bo-Peep
  • You've been asked if you were in a play
  • You've been asked what you were cosplaying as, or compared to an anime character
  • 7/16

  • You're a member of online Lolita communities
  • You're active in online Lolita communities
  • You mod an online Lolita community
  • You mod an online community of over 1,000 members
  • You've attended a meetup
  • You've attended a tea party meetup
  • You've attended a brand sponsored tea party
  • You've traveled multiple hours to attend a meetup
  • You've hosted a meetup
  • You've hosted over 6 meetups
  • You've hosted a meetup with over 20 attendees
  • You've been to a Lolita swap meet
  • You've attended a large scale Lolita event or convention
  • You've been on staff at a large scale Lolita event or convention
  • You've been to a Lolita panel at a convention
  • You've hosted your own panel at a convention
  • 7/16

  • You've seen a Lolita fashion show
  • You've modeled in a Lolita fashion show
  • You've seen a brand fashion show
  • You've modeled in a brand fashion show
  • You own your own Lolita clothes/accessory line
  • You've hosted your own brand's fashion show
  • You have visited a Lolita shop
  • You've traveled to another country just to buy from Lolita shops
  • You own and run your own Lolita shop
  • You're friends with a brand shop girl
  • You are a brand shop girl
  • You run a Lolita blog (traditional, tumblr, vlog, etc)
  • You run a Lolita blog with over 1,000 followers
  • You have been called "e-famous"
  • You have been called "e-infamous"
  • You've been featured on TV for wearing Lolita 3/16
  • 3/16

1-15 Curious Onlooker
1-15 points means you're familiar with the fashion and have taken an interest in all things frilly and Lolita. You've probably attended a few open events, maybe own a few pieces of Lolita, lurk the online communities, and you definitely are on your way to knowing your stuff! Your next step is probably buying the final piece for your first full outfit and finally headed to your first meetup!

16-40 Just Starting Out 16-40 points means you're just starting out in the world of Lolita. You may have been interested in the fashion for a few years but are just now getting involved in wearing the fashion on a regular basis and joining local communities. You probably have a couple full outfits but are still working on building a larger wardrobe. Alternatively, you have a larger wardrobe and definitely know your stuff, but you aren't very active in local or online Lolita communities and are perhaps more of a lone Lolita. Your next step is probably either finishing up adding a few more pieces to your wardrobe or to starting getting to know some other Lolitas.

41-60 Well-Rounded Lolita
41-60 points means you're probably a very well-rounded Lolita. You have a fair sized wardrobe that allows a variety of outfits and some style experimentation, you have a few Lolita friends, and you've attended your fair share of meetups and even fashion shows. You probably have a few volumes of the Gothic & Lolita Bible hanging around your bookshelf and you've definitely taken an interest in Lolita hobbies. Your next step is probably to step out of your comfort bubble, try a new style you've always wanted to try, host your own meetups, or perhaps finally apply to be a model for a local Lolita fashion show.

61-80 Experienced Lolita 61-80 points is the realm of an experienced Lolita! You've probably been active in the fashion for a number of years, have a fairly large and diverse wardrobe, and have attended (and hosted!) your fair share of Lolita events. You're most likely well-known within your local, and online, communities. You're probably practically an expert on the fashion and have probably introduced, or at least guided, a few friends along the right path in the fashion. Your next step is most likely to do a closet cleaning or some wardrobe organization because you probably have a few years of accumulated clothes.

81- 100 Top Of Your Game
81-100 points is at the top of the Lolita game. You've definitely been active in the fashion for a number of years, or possibly you've had a very intense first few years. You've gone out there and had the chance to do some pretty cool things that you always dreamed of doing back when you first got started as a Lolita. There's a good chance you're a leader in both your local Lolita communities and the online Lolita-sphere. Your next step is probably to kick a few more things off your Lolita bucket list!

  101 points is within the ream of Lolita royalty. You probably have enough clothes to dress your own personal rufflebutt army, which you could very well easily raise with a wave of your very expensive burando scepter! You're well known by Lolitas both near and far, who are most likely green with envy at what you have in your closet, who you've met, and what you've had the chance to do. There are probably still a few items left on your Lolita bucket list that have been haunting you for a while now because you thought they've always been out of your reach for one reason or another (perhaps it's that long-distance shopping vacation, to complete your dream dress list, or to finally host the tea party of your dreams), but look how far you've come yet! Whatever it is you want to do, you can probably achieve it easily, or at the very least, you definitely have the patience within the fashion to stick with it for a while and work on getting it done.

January 3, 2015

2015-01 Wardrobe 2015

After 2.5 years in the fashion, I'm finally making my first wardrobe post! Are you excited? Well, I am! This kind of wardrobe doesn't happen overnight.. this GIF shows the development! First GIF I ever did.. did it turn out fine? <(o.O)> 


Lets start with the main pieces... Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The blue Floral Lace Ruffle and the tartan JSKs are two dresses I wear the most outside at autumn and winter. They're toned down, warm and universal. I think no daily wardrobe is complete without a tartan piece! So perfect for autumn. Then theres a black cutsew OP Cherry Patterened Mesh which I wear to university exams and a white cutsew OP from cotton which makes for perfect sleep wear! Uh oh, putting black and white piece on one photo turned out badly -.-


Angelic Pretty. Dreamy Horoscope JSK in navy, with white barette. I love this dress so much if my room was aflame and I could take with me just one dress, it would be this one! Its lightweight and perfect for summer, birthday parties, meetups.. the sweetest dress I own. To the left is Precocious Lady OP, a summer piece with high waist and dusty white jaquard layer. To the right is the first AP dress I bought, Dolce OP in baby pink. Since I got it, I've never put on myself my pink Bodyline OP again! The difference in material and making is just so stunning the Bodyline cannot compare to it... sorry Bodyline.


Innocent World. The Florence OP to the left was my first lolita dress ever, not only first brand! Pretty cool. Simple, but I didn't dare to frill up more than that back then. To the right is Bouquet Doll OP I wore to the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. Its one fancy classical piece. 


Offbrand. As a daily lolita, I need some padding in my wardrobe. From left to right.. pink Bodyline sailor piece, my first baby pink dress. It looked so fancy to me back then, before I got my baby pink AP. Now it just sits in my closet. Chess Story Marriage d'Amour is my dream wedding dress. I was looking for it for a year till I got it secondhand.. the print is just awesome, and its easily my longest dress, reaching well past my knees. Sax replica of Milky Planet from DoL... because, you know, you gotta wear something when you go out with trash. Or to children's carnival and other messy places. Next is Dear Celine black and pink OP. Its light chiffon dress conservative enough even for a fancy dinner or when I just don't dare to go full lolita for an important occasion. Last comes Bodyline's floral piece L510. The fabric is thick cotton, its comfortable and hardly ever wrinkles. It makes for arguably the best dress for my daily chores around the house. I'd say its also one of the best Bodyline's pieces regarding material and quality. 


Here comes skirts! Or rather, my only brand skirt. I prefer dresses when going out, but it pays to have one nice skirt when you know you'll need to redress outside. Great for shopping clothes, in the rare cases I need to buy normal clothes... that was what, three times in two years? Something like that. I was looking for the sax Wonder Story for quite a time, always wondering whether I should get it or not.. in the end, I got the skirt. The color is a bit dusty blue, but it suits the skirt better than pure sax tone. The clip bow has little golden cutlery on the ends!

Allright, the rest of the skirts. All offbrand. From the black one in mathematically positive direction (against the clock's, I never got why really but it is so!), the black skirt is HMHM and has little stars embroided above the string of embroided bows. Although I don't usually wear much of black, this one is cute. Then comes Bodyline, Bodyline, and Bodyline (wheew, no Mr.Yan appeared beside me for saying that!) The floral skirt in offwhite is another great, forgiving piece for daily chores, as is the peachy pink Anna House skirt with lots of white lace. The Anna House skirt is quite short as you can see, too short for me to dare go outside! The only sax piece is replica of Sugary Carnival. As with the Milky Planet replica, the print quality is plain out awful and the fabric is rigid and .. well, I bought it only because I didn't plan to go in it further from home than to the trash bin. It still looks better on picture than in person though. 


Its tops time! My only two brand tops are BTSSB cutsew with lots of pretty lace in dusty pink and the long Innocent World cutsew in old rose. The IW cutsew has the exact color and lace of the Florence OP! But I really want a brand blouse sometime.. before I got one I liked I was stocked on offbrand blouses till the end of my frilly life! 


Short sleeve blouses. Offbrand, Bodyline, Anna House, Bodyline. The pink Bodyline blouse is super cute, but I end up wearing mostly the offwhite Anna House blouse. All blouses I have from Anna House have good lace and are comfortable. 


Long sleeve blouses. Black Bodyline blouse with detachable sleeves, black Infanta blouse, white and offwhite Bodyline and white Anna House. Offbrand blouses are just great for padding the wardrobe and for protecting the brand above them xD


Cardigans. After I put them together, I realized its all Bodyline! No really, thats some nice, simple cardigans, and the pink one is my sweetest, I love it, all those details! Hard to imagine even that is made by Bodyline.


Loliable tops I use with my lolita clothes. Two nice turtlenecks, a sweater with 3/4 sleeves, an offbrand cutsew and some shirts.


Done with the tops in my wardrobe. Its socks time! Heres my brand OTKs and other printed socks. From left, BTSSB knee socks with lace, then Metamorphose OTKs, Innocent World OTKs, Innocent World OTKs with lace. The rest is simply Secret Shop or offbrand.


Wearing lolita on daily basis makes one go trough a lot of hoisery quickly.. so Ive a padding of plain cotton tights, a stack of white woolen OTKs and random socks, some with lace trim.


Shoes! Just some basic shoes, Bodyline and An*Tai*na. I really love how tea parties look, Id buy them in all the colors if it was just up to me! I really need to get some boots for winter, but everything nice seems to be on heels side the engineer boots, which look a bit bulky. 


Accessories. I need more of those.


Bags I use. Everything is offbrand.


Petticoats, offbrand, Bodyline, and Bunny House. The pink Bunny House petticoat is a monster, I went for middle poofiness and its still too poofy to be able to fit under like half of my clothes! xD Some skirts with it look just like theyre about to take to air and float silently away.


Stuff I couldnt fit anywhere else. A parasol, some bloomers - also Metamorphose bloomers. Nothing like putting a brand bloomers under your otherwise entirely offbrand outfit! A wig I didnt yet learn to put on correctly, and one lolita magazine written in japanese which I cant read. I guess every lolita has at least one of those? At least its got pictures!


Thats all! I hope you enjoyed yourself reading through my rant, and here you have one final picture overlooking my new clothes closet!

I posted my wardrobe on EGL, yay!