April 3, 2018

2014: 4 Stages of Lolita Pregnancy

As we grow into adulthood, some or many of us may get children. Is it a reason to stop wearing frilly fashion? Most likely not. Although the pregnancy can be hard on a body, so it may not be possible to wear whatever you want, with the right choices you will probably be able to wear lolita fashion for the most of it. Granted, I had no health problems so while I could, someone may not be able to, but I'd still like to share my experience.

1st trimester

No changes we required in my wardrobe. 

2nd trimester

The belly is growing but it's still quite easy to wear lolita fashion. I found myself opting out of skirts which are not fully shirred, though. Dresses are fine, they don't push on the belly.

Some of my daily outfits in 2nd trimester. Back-shirred BtSSB tartan JSK, back-shirred Bodyline JSK with floral pattern and a fully shirred Anna House skirt. The blouses are Anna House, shoes are Bodyline.

3rd trimester

Troubles are starting. The belly is big, skirts are unusable. Highwaist dresses are fine only for first half of 3rd trimester. Dresses from cutsew material and sack-cuts are wearable. Deflated petticoats are finally usable, fluffed to the side and to the back.

My high-waisted Angelic Pretty's Precocious Lady JSK and sack-cut Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope JSK outfits. I'm lucky it was summer and so I didn't need a lot of layers.

Before delivery

Left only with an offwhite cutsew sack dress from BtSSB. Even my Dreamy Horoscope JSK now sits funny on me. I can barely put on shoes by myself. Five days before delivery!