March 22, 2018

BtSSB Milky Way print wish

In 2017, another wonderful star themed dress was issued, this time by BtSSB. It is Kumya-chan's Glitter ☆ Milky Way series and I hope to get the JSK in navy someday! It has such a strong vibe of my favorite Little Twin Stars, but with BtSSB Kumya! 

Actually, there are four colorways...

Plenty of cute accessories...

An outfit for Kumya!

.. and a heap of plastic jewelry.

March 14, 2018

Retrospecting Last Year's Resolutions

Last year, I've made a bunch of lolita resolutions
How did I do with fulfilling them?

  Do a closet cleaning

Done! Sold a few things and I continue selling dresses I don't wear this year too. Facebook crossed my plans by deleting my alternative account (I probably shouldn't have entered obviously not real name Ruffle Cloud) but I plan to go to Vinted.

  Search for my dream dress

Angelic Pretty's Fancy Box Shoulder Frill JSK in navy, obtained! A first I bought the navy JSK, but then was lucky enough to find a person to swap with for the shoulder frill cut :3

  Decorate my bedroom

Done! I bought a clothes hanger, pink cover, and hang a picture, this is how it looked after! I also    carpeted the floor this winter. More enhancements are to be added yet, but it looks much better than before already!

  Go to Angelic Pretty tea party

Failed. I was to go with friends to Paris, but eventually everyone else decided not to go. I decided to soo not go alone x.x

  Write this blog at least bi-weekly
Done! With 37 posts last year, I fulfilled my goal. I wrote less to the end of the year, as I'm finishing my dissertation instead :3

  Keep both of my Tumblrs active
Failed. I'm moving off tumblr. I keep randomly filling the queque of my prints picture collection, but I stopped posting much to my personal lolita tumblr. Planning to move to Instagram instead, as it's more favored by lolita community!

Take more coord pictures

Definetly done! Still not as many pictures as I wanted :3

I think last year has been a huge success.
This year I still have to write down my resolutions! 

I'm kidding, its already March now. Time for a break :3

March 5, 2018

Casual AP Salopette

Hello! I felt like pulling out my salopette today so I created a sort of casual home coord with it! I can be pretty even when hanging around at home, right? :3

Salopette, OTKs: Angelic Pretty's Country of Sweets
Skirt: Anna House
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

My favorite detail of the salopette's bodice :3