September 24, 2018

2018/06 Steampunk meetup in Prague

I haven't seen my friends since Christmas, finishing my doctorate from math, so I jumped at first opportunity and met my friends at an alternative clothing swap meet. We met in front of a running sushi restaurant Jiu Zhou and I finally got my first running sushi ^.^ It was awesome. After lunch, we moved to the steampunk bar for the swap meet. The outside of the club was breathtaking. 

Blouse: Angelic Pretty                          
Shoes: An*Tai*Na                                
Accessories: offbrand                          

Tairesia's Metamorphose print and my Fancy Box print

The inside was very dark, crammed with metallic sculptures and occasional neon lights.

Most of the clothing was goth-like and black, so hard to see in the dark. This was the only sweet island in the sea of black, with pastel ruffly skirts and petticoats. So-so managed to photoshop it out of the dark for you to see. 

After checking the goods, we decided to settle in our favourite Choco Café, a chocolaterie with own specialty chocolate factory.

I decided to try one of those macarons with icecream, chocolate with chocolate icecream, because double chocolate! Definetly worth it :)

And Yuki got her late birthday present. Just look at that smile! ^.^

The meetup from the point of view of Tairesia

September 3, 2018

Inspiration: Bonniviwii

Image Source
A sweet lolita with one of the cutest smiles ever, I first came across her outfits on her Tumblr. She also has an Instagram and a blog, in pretty pastel colors, with lots of cute photos like these photos of Milky Cross details :3

Bonni-jane is a design graduate from Melbourne and beside fashion and photography she also likes cosplay, dogs, udon noodles, and pokemon - also collects pokemon cards and stationery! She wears mostly sweet lolita (Wardrobe post 2016 , 2017 ) and loves pink and yellow. She is 154 cm tall, so the dresses look perfect lenght on her - I wish I was a bit shorter too :3
A bunch of her coords is listed in her 2017 post. Of course, being sweet lolita myself, my favourites are her Angelic Pretty's pastel coordinates, but she can also make wonderful coord from Bodyline dress!

Note: If you wonder why the tumblr opens only in side panel and you can't view the tumblr's Archive page, it is because the blog is set to be hidden from search engines ;]