February 27, 2017

Official lolita blogs

Brands have their Facebooks and blogs, as well as models do. In case you wondered where the official lolita blogs are, they're mostly located on popular japanese blogging site Ameblo.jp and Yaplog.jp and written in japanese, but we care mostly about the pictures, right? So far, I was able to locate these:

Angelic Pretty designers

Innocent World designer
Yumi Fujiwara

Angelic Pretty models
                                           RinRin Doll                                         Kimura U

                                              Sumire Sato                               Chitako                               

   Sayaka                                       Kayuu           

BtSSB models

    Misako Aoki                                  Midori Fukasawa

Official blogs of AP shops

Official blogs of BtSSB shops

Official Metamorphose blog (till 2014)

Larme Kei: Risa Nakamura

If you know of any other, please let me know, I'd love to read them! I mean, look at the pretty pictures!:3

February 22, 2017

2017/02 Valentine meetup in Olomouc

My first Valentine meetup ever! The invitation looked very promising, but I got to know about it too late. Thanks to my friend Lavinie I could go though! The theme was OTT lolita and people came appropriately dressed up. The photos were taken by Michal Pospíšil.

I don't know everyone, but the ones I know better are, in the middle of the top row in
Promenade de Paris, that is Ruki, to his left is Mitsu, to his right is Millarca who organized the meet. At the bottom row from the left side of picture: Kiki in black dress, Yuki in Wonder Party sax dress, Lavinie in The Longest name OP, and crouching in the front is the owner of a small local lolita shop Porcelain doll.


We went out to take photos in small groups. More opportunity for group photos, sweet lolitas this time! Brolitas above, top row on the right is Ruki in Promenade de Paris print in lavender, I fawned over his dress so much!


Skirt, bow: Angelic Pretty Wonder Party
Blouse: Bodyline
Parka: Bodyline
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Michal Pospíšil took great photos, I look like someone from a jfashion magazine, yay! My outfit was OTT sweet! I used the skirt's bow for my head :D I wear three pairs of wristcuffs, a dozen bracelets, and I have soft pastel star clips in my hair! The parka has bunny ears and it's so cute, my favorite :3

It was around freezing point outside but I didn't mind much, I was so happy I could come! Yuki also took her Wonder Party (she got an OP+HB+OTKs for less than I got the skirt for, such a great bargain hunter!) and so we twinned!

And this is Lavinie, a big fan of older BtSSB pieces, thanks to which I could come! She offered me ticket of her partner, it was so sweet of her :3 She's wearing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's The Longest name OP, full name "The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe Print OP ", eeek!

The meet itself happened in a cake shop. We exchanged a lot of small presents and valentine cards, and the host ran a raffle with cute prices for everyone! I got a load of cute stuff!

Goodbye till next time!

February 7, 2017

Bodyline haul - closet padding.

I haven't looked on Bodyline's site for quite a while. The prices pleasantly surprised me and I decided to pad my wardrobe with some more daily wear! Bad news; the YEN trick doesn't work anymore. Even if you use Yen, the final price at Checkout will be in USD anyway, of course with use of their not so flattering conversion rate. Also no more free shipping! I paid 40 USD shipping, and they divided the order into two packages. It was a lot of stuff though so not all that bad shipping price!

The full order we ordered with friends, 3 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 blouses, 3 cutsews, 5 accessories. Wow!

My part of the order all together.

Alice printed dress. Not that thrilled about the quality, but it does its job and looks decent. The lace looks nice but is stiff and scratchy, the headbow isnt all that nice either. On the bright side, the dress has back shirring, a side zipper, and the front bow is removable. The lovely apron has a jingle bells =^.^=  and since the dress doesn't have waist ties, its meant to be worn with it. The whole set of dress, apron and a headbow for 6.66 USD? It's a steal!

This dress has better quality. Good cotton fabric was used, the color is nice and vivid. Quality cotton lace was used. The dress has shirring in the back, neck ties and waist ties. The skirt is long and full. Overall I'm very happy with this dress! For the price of 13.33 USD it cost, I wouldn't get even the lace used in local shops here.

Wristcuffs to go with the red dress above! Looking lovely, but the lace is scratchy.

OTKs with 'burgers' as we know from TaoBao's google translations. Macarons! :3

A short, low-poof petticoat. Looking so soft, but scratchy again. Why is most of Bodyline's stuff so scratchy? x.x It looks adorable though and would work under salopette, for Fairy Kei, or layering on another petticoat.

Cardigan and two shirts for much needed casual wear or under JSKs in summer. The fabric is thin, soft and pleasant, perfect for summer!

Side scratchy lace and petticoat, I'm very pleased with what I got, and if you are careful with picking out things, Bodyline can be great source of affordable lolita clothing or just padding your wardrobe with more daily wear if you want to!