November 6, 2018

AP's Fancy Box: camera comparison

I always keep striving to have nice photographs, as a memory and also to convey the beautiful details on lolita dresses. Often times, light conditions are pretty poor, and then it will matter what device I grabbed to take the photo.

Sometimes I wonder how much it really matters... so  I took my favorite Fancy Box JSK and went to try it with an extremely poor light, just a weak lightbulb at night.

The full scene, processed photo taken by Nikon D7200

I compare just the middle of the bodice
I didn't smooth or denoise the images
I took photos with three devices

  • Smartphone Samsung P9 Lite            
  • Digital camera Nikon COOLPIX P520
  • Reflex camera Nikon D7200               
Smartphone (f/2 1/17 sec. ISO 800)
Digital camera (f/3 1/8 sec. ISO 200)
Reflex camera (f/3.5 1/50 sec. ISO 1000)
The details on the image from smartphone are pretty much nonexistent. Both smartphone and the digital camera failed to capture the beautiful blue of the dress, it looks just like navy in their images. The reflex camera has the most details, and captured the blue well, but it suffers some from color noise.

The reflex camera is new for me so I still have to learn to use it well.. maybe I should have gone with lower ISO (the higher the ISO the higher the color noise), but this tiny noise does not seem to be a problem much in the overall photo of the dress as shown on top, as I reduce the dimensions of the image for web use. The reflex camera is going to be my new favorite!

Stock photo, the blue is true to reality