July 1, 2017

One dress, many ways!

Some people may think that lolita fashion with its many rigid 'rules' makes it boring fashion. I would want to test it, so I took one of my least worn dress, which is my Angelic Pretty's Precocious Lady JSK  and went to see how many ways to combine it I can come up with!

Turns out I have dozens of ways to wear the dress, its amazing! My outfit depends mostly on weather, I want to be both pretty and comfortable :3 I usually end up wearing one of my favorite combinations.. it wouldnt hurt to experiment with my coords some more!

Oh my, I'm so cold I've opted for tights and    Slightly warmer, I've put my bolero away
put together a knitted turtleneck and              and took Innocent World's OTKs.
Bodyline bolero!

The best of spring or autumn weather with      It's summer and getting hot!
Infanta blouse and Innocent World's OTKs.    Since I don't have black blouse, 
                                                                        I went casual.

The hottest of summer. Boater hat instead             Slightly windy, but still sunny.
of bows, no blouse and frilly ankle socks!               Cute cardigans for the win :3

Summer is ending.. I picked a BtSSB           Autumn started. Dear Celine cutsew blouse
cutsew and OTKs this time!                          and white Bodyline shoes to complement 
                                                                      the white collar.

Autumn in progress! Back to turtleneck,       Swapping the turtleneck for blouse for
with Angelic Pretty OTKs and different         instant sweetness when it gets warmer!
bag giving off more classical vibe.

Back in summer! Angelic Pretty                          Pink x navy outfit for autumn.
cutsews are comfortable and cute :3                  No need for prints here.

                                          Last but not the least, a special accessorized
                                          outfit in pink x sax for meetups!

Its not even all the combinations, wheew! Certainly not a boring fashion at all.. or do you think they are alike? Theres certainly an aesthetics I prefer, I do admit that. :3