May 21, 2016

2016-05 Wardrobe color scheme!

Following on my Wardrobe 2016 post, I thought it would be fun to figure out my color scheme, so I counted the colors of the main pieces in my wardrobe (OPs, JSKs, skirts) and put together this pie chart!
I love colors of the sky, and light, summery colors. It turns out my wardrobe is mostly cream and pink - but not in a boring way! Looking on my wardrobe, there is a lot of different shades. The cream dresses are more classic oriented, with flowers, constellations, and castles, while the pink ones have different shades and textures ranging from Angelic Pretty's plain baby pink through a dusty pink jaquard layer up to old rose Innocent World's classic JSK piece. Standing out is the one red piece, a tartan BtSSB dress, which is a practical, universal piece for whenever I can't decide what to wear.

What are your wardrobe colors?