May 10, 2020

Huashangluoli cloud dress outfit

I'm not adventurous enough to buy my lolita dresses on AliExpress, but when I saw this dress, I had to make an exception. I fell in love with the soft, pastel color transitions, star embroided lace and buttons. I didn't find it elsewhere, so I ordered from AliExpress anyway!

It nearly ended up in a catastrophe. I ordered size M (bust 94 cm, length 92 cm) and what I got was, well, XXXXS, if they even carried such a small size. The dress had bust 80 cm, length 83 cm! Ooops!

Luckily, I ordered bigger size, mainly to get appropriate length. So I could fit anyway! Its such a cute, comfortable dress. I tried to combine it with bloomers, as I wasn't feeling right in such a short dress.

Dress: Huashangluoli OP
Headbow: AP Fancy Paper Dolls
Bloomers: Infanta
Shoes: Secret Shop

I think it looks allright like that?

The month of virtual twinning

The april of 2020 just ended. It was a crazy month, with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) spread everywhere, countries worldwide in lockdown in emergency states.. unable to meet their friends, virtual twinning became very popular! We can share our passion for fashion in virtual space. I found a few people to twin with as well! We discussed coordinates, they took photos, I matched their pose and photoshopped us together

The cutest the first! Angelic Pretty's Fancy Paper Dolls is such a cute print. When I saw this breathtaking sweet coordinate of @littledoeplaysintraffic on Closet of Frills, I couldn't help myself but ask her for virtual twinning We look cute together!

Here is a twinning of Misty Sky print with Salome. We went for cute heart gesture! I also tried different background, but I think it doesn't look so good? I like the pastel baloons one better!

And finally one where we are not sax vs. pink combination! Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope twinning with @coinoperatedcthulhu. It's a dream print for the both of us! I made us hold a plushy bear together on the photo 

Did you get to virtual twin with anyone?

May 5, 2020

Tips for long hair care

I wear exclusively my natural hair with lolita fashion. Recently, I have had my hair damaged by a wrong choice of shampoo, which led me to learn more about how to properly take care of my long hair. My hair are all good now again :) I'm sharing the tips here!

Washing your hair
Brush your hair before washing them.
You can sometimes use hair mask before washing. It can be natural, coconut oil does good.
      Apply coconut oil into lengths, wrap the hair into foil, let sit 5-30mins, then wash the hair 

      as usual. It should give hair nourishment and shine.
Use shampoo for your hair type.
Use conditioner, it will make your hair easier to brush .
Shampoo belongs to the roots, conditioner to the length of the hair.
Shower hair with cold water at the end of washing. Cold water makes hair cuticles close 
      and then they tangle less and are less prone to breakage.
Do not rub wet hair with towel, do not brush wet hair, do not go to sleep with wet hair -
      Just wrap wet hair into towel to get excess water out and let the hair dry naturally.

Extra tips

Pay attention to choosing the right hair brush. I got paddle hair brush, which is great 
      for detangling, and boar bristle brush, which smooths my hair nicely and distributes 
      natural oils along the length of hair.
Brush your hair at least twice a day. Work your way from the ends toward scalp, 
      the tangles have a tendency to move downwards and get worse otherwise.
For getting rid of tangles without pain, there is a praised brush named Tangle Teezer.
      There are also detangling sprays which make hair slide better along each other
      and make detangling easier. 

If you use cotton pillow cover, get satin or silk ones. They don't make hair tangle 
      so bad during sleep. Or put your hair up into a simple hairdo for the night.
Trim the hair ends. The breakage of the hair starts at the ends and works upward.
Protect your hair from hot temperatures. There is a protection spray you can use 

      before styling your hair, and for sun - we can simply wear a parasol!

I wish you healthy hair.
Do you have your own tips for hair care? Please share!