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Dear readers,

welcome! My name is Michaela and I love sweet lolita, particularly Angelic Pretty. I also love astronomy so sky-related prints are a must for me! Since I got into the fashion in 2012 I've been thinking about sharing my love for the frilly dresses. You can find my photos and coordinates also on my Tumblr but sometimes I like to be more wordy and this is the place for it! You can find here events, coordinates, lolita things I think about... 

The posts are written in somewhat haphazard manner, depending on what occupies my time and thinking, and often I'd post about past events from before this blog too. I'd like to keep the memory of them in such a manner. I'm just too bad at keeping up with writing as things keep happening!

Enjoy your stay!

Other places to find me
My personal lolita Tumblr
My Tumblr image collection sortable through tags
I'm also on Amino Lolita community (it got chats!)

This blog is also listed on Bloglovin' !

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