June 18, 2017

Presents from Japan

I was in luck that this time, my partner was sent to a conference in Tokyo. When he asked me what to bring back for me, of course I asked for a few pieces of kawaii and foods I've read so much about!

Got more than a few.. my kawaii hoard :3 The pikachu is for my son but was too cute to omit :D My partner said he even saw two lolitas walk by while in Tokyo. I'm pretty sure he would see more of them if he went to Harajuku.. but thats one place where we will walk together, someday...


Turns out most Sanrio in Tokyo is made up by Kello Kitty, but a little bit of merchanside of the other characters can be found. My favorite from Sanrio is Little Twin Stars, two siblings, Kiki and Lala. I got Little Twin Stars notebook, sticker and necklace! Yay!


The Sanrio bag has a little surprise stuck inside... but it's empty! I'm not sure how it is meant to be used? o.O Oh, and the corners of the notebook have little Kiki and little Lala printed on them. Cute overload :3

I really wanted to try some matcha KitKats. They have dozens of KitKat flavors in Japan, including special sakura KitKats sold around Hanami. I also got matcha chocolates and cookies. I think I'll stick with traditional chocolate. Althought I love iced green tea, which is (supposedly?) made from powdered matcha, I didn't like matcha chocolate. It tasted like if white chocolate melted together with matcha powder. I like my chocolates on the sweeter side! 

Pocky are another thing I really wanted to try. I heard they're kind of addictive? I'm glad I got chocolate and strawberry ones instead of matcha Pocky I asked for. The chocolate pocky are covered in quality dark chocolate, and the strawberry ones taste like if dipped in a rich strawberry yoghurt. Yum!

Pokemon! Another of my favorite things which originated in Japan. Soft Pikachu plushie and  my own metallic pokeball. There were pikachu candies inside! Aaand this is last photo of todays post. See you again!

June 8, 2017

2013-09 Classical photoshoot

Back when we actually had a tiny local lolita community, friends invited me to photoshoot. The shoot was classical themed and happened in a street of our city's historical core. Since I was never at a professional photoshoot before, I certainly had to give it a try!

It's probably my only real classical coordinate, featuring an Innocent World Bouquet Doll OP and Bodyline shoes. My friend Tairesia standing beside me :3

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot! The photographer also brought a reflective umbrella, but broke it halfway through the shoot O///o

Some of the best photos we got from the day!

June 3, 2017

Inspiration: Hellowonderland

I've seen pictures of this cute lolita from time to time on Tumblr (tagged some here), and came to realize its Hellowonderland from Livejournal (her livejournal is blank now). Lately I've seen yet another old tumblr photo of her and wondered, what happened to her? Does she still wear lolita? So I turned to google, and the answer is YES, and she rocks it as well as ever!

Alice's Blog , Tumblr , Flickr , Twitter , Instagram   

Alice has birthday on 21th July and lives in Chicago with her husband she married seven years ago. She looks very young, I'd bet she must be minor, she's so petite with her size 0 and height 160 cm! Actually Alice is 31 now so we are similar age! She dresses in sweet lolita since 2006 and her favorite brands are Angelic Pretty, with BtSSB as second, with preference to the older pieces. Her favorite colors are pink and white. She also loves ballet, cupcakes, knitting, baking, reading, writing letters, and likes pink electronics. Alice also collects My little pony, Sailor Moon items, and has a few BDJ dolls. She's blogging since 2009, and has a younger sister who dresses in sweet lolita in black colorway (I'd love to see more pictures of them together!) 

I love her blog serie tagged On being lolita. She adresses there many topics important for lolitas, like laundry, saving up (1) (2), taking pictures, planning picnics or tea parties, less pleasant experiences like rain, unwanted attention, halloween or flying in lolita, and also gives advice to lolitas just starting out. Some of her posts are more like an essays. She explains her view on lolita rules and ponders lolita lifestyle (1), (2), (3).And often times I find myself agreeing with her opinion, just she writes it better than I could have expressed it!

I was also eager to read her Angelic Pretty tea party at ACEN report (day 0, 1, 2, 3), since I would love to see Angelic Pretty tea party one day.. hopefully before I grow old, haha!

Sometimes, you get to know a bit about her, like how she started lolita, though its very rare. For the most curious there is a 100 questions baton! She also showed us her ponies, room and wardrobe (surely much bigger now :) Alice is always so well coordinated and cute, I wish we had more people like that!

May 16, 2017

2013-07 First anime con experience: Advik

Advik is an anime con organized every june in the hottest part of the year whatsoever in a school. Kids are off to holidays and the school is loaned and transformed for a week into a con place. Now, I don't watch much anime at all, but I heard lolitas are going to be there too so I went to check it out! The article is long so I broke it into four parts: The Place, The Talks, My Outfits, and The People. The photos are terrible due to using a Garmin GPS inbuilt camera (lol!) and even worse when someone else took a picture for me.

The Place

Main feature of the whole weekend was unending heat and too many people, for me. It was over 30C outside, more inside as the schools here are not equipped by A/C. On the ground floor, there were a few stalls by the main entrance, and a huge paper pinned to a wall for people to doodle on (neat idea!)

The gym was used for the biggest of the talks, a lolita fashion show, and dancing lessons. Here it is occupied by a minecraft creeper.


On the first floor, there were console games in the hall. I hoped to try those out, but the handheld ones were constantly occupied and when I got to one of the Wii's I didn't even figure out how to make a game play. Since I was alone and the few strangers I asked just shrugged their shoulders, I let it be.

In the first floor's classrooms were the talks, as well as board game room and DDR room. I spent quite a time on the DDR, and I must admit that hopping is much harder than it looks like!


I looked forward to maid cafe. You didn't get a cake with picture but they got coffee, toasts and some snacks, along with a bookcase with mangas. It was the most quiet place of the school so I came there often to find solace in the quiet.

On the second floor was sleeping area looking like a refugee camp. Most people stayed overnight sleeping in sleeping bags sleeping in classes and halls of the second floor, but as schools arent really equipped for that, plus it wat tropically hot, the lines for showers were hours long, so I regretted even bringing brand along.

The Talks

I came to a few random talks. Most were just random people with hobbies talking about their anime related obscure knowledge. The biggest highlight of the whole con for me was the talk of a real Samurai!

He also held a workshop on sushi making (impossible to get in due to high demand, sadly) and sold rice with shredded egg and seaweed after the talk. I bought two servings, it was simply delicious. The rice I am used to is tasteless like a plastic bag, and about as chewy, but that rice he sold I could eat just dry like that, it was so good!

There was also a lolita fashion newbie talk, and a BDJ talk where we could also see the dolls in real life!

The gym held a lolita fashion show, but due to poor organizing it was late and hurried. Most of the lolitas came for the con only for the show and then redressed or left. The better half of the fashion show. A sailor outfit, Bodyline's skirt, awesome outfit (I think its BtSSB?) of Silvia from Ostrava, and a Honey Picnic dress by Metamorphose.

Dancing lessons divided into two parts in the gym were great opportunity to refresh my dances knowledge before the cons ball. I wore Angelic Pretty's  Dolce OP in pink and loved to twirl in it!

My outfits

I took my BtSSB tartan JSK for travelling. I badly bruised my knees prior to arrival (edited out on the other pictures). Mega pikachu! The guy mustve cooked himself alive in that summer heat though.. that is SOME dedication!

Angelic Pretty's Dolce OP. The confused me totally forgot about the detachable neck ties for the dress.  I saw a few lolitas through the con, but I was too shy to talk to them. At least I managed to ask this lolita in a blue Bodyline dress for a photo :3 We look so alike, but in different color! I also took a BtSSB cutsew op in cream for a nightwear, no photos for that but it was soo much more comfortable than my usual cotton pajamas :3

The People

There were a few hundreds of strangers, some of them dressed in an oddly manner, more often tacky than not. People usually went to grab food to the closest supermarket, I bet the public must've gotten good laughs from that. Well, not at the mornings.. the school was locked at night and they refused to open it before 9 am, which caused a lot of grumpy, hungry people missing morning talk.

People hanging out and chatting.

I have no idea who is he supposed to cosplay at but he was too cool to pass. 
He even offered me his arm, what a gentleman! 

               Left: if that was a lolita, she was the best dressed of all I've seen on Advik!
               Right: No idea. Sailor moon, maybe? I don't have a clue.

That girl in brown vest, I've seen those somewhere. I don't know the name but those guys 
are from some space anime and wear short green cloaks which remind me of hobbits?

Creepy people. Homestuck maybe? Definetly similar level of crazy.

                 Left: Deathnote! Too bad this blurry photo is the only one I have.
                 Right: No idea but it looks cool. Very cool.

More cool outfits I have no idea who are they supposed to be!

         Left: Rapunzel? Or maybe someone who lost a bet with his friends.
         Right: I admire the dedication to wear something like that when its over 30C in a shade.

Professional photo for the end! Hooray! It was one wild ride and I think I'll keep to tea parties.