October 22, 2014

2014-10 Way too indepth look at some brand socks.

Most of my brand is actually dresses, those are the main pieces of any wardrobe and the item which makes the outfit stand out the most. Its worth investing into as it makes outfit stand out the most - much more so than four pieces of AP plastic jewelry of the same cost, or those AP tea parties noone can tell from Secret Shop shoes anyway. But did you ever wonder what those brand socks with lace or without are like? The details, the feels? I did, so I got some!

Name: Wide Lace High Socks 
Brand: BtSSB 
Year: 2009
Lolibrary Entry 

I got these new today (2014-06-09) in offwhite, that means its been laying in someone's closet for 4 years, wow! Size says 22-24 and theres some japanese sticker on it I can't read. The cotton lace needed ironing and looks a bit bulky on the under the knee socks.. I guess it would be called old-school by now. 


Name: Torchon Lace OTKs 
Brand: IW 
Year: 2006  
Lolibrary Entry 

I got these new today (2014-06-09) in black, which makes them 8 years old o.O Theres still even the tag attached! They're rather knee high on me, and I'm not even particularly tall with my 165 cm -.-' 

Name: Antique Perfume Bottle OTKs 
Brand: IW 
Year: 2013  
Lolibrary Entry 

It's definetly these OTKs, but in Black x Pink, which is not listed on Lolibrary, wow! I got them in a gift bag at Innocent World Tea Party in Wien at autumn 2013.


Name: Fruit Punch OTKs 
Brand: Metamorphose 
Year: 2011 
Lolibrary Entry 

I bought these in pink secondhand as my first brand hoisery. 


It turned out the details are what - embroided? In there, not printed as I thought. The first two are made of cotton and I seem to be too tall for them! The other two are a blend with polyester, much smoother at touch and more stretchy. They're big enough for me - did they start to make them longer or is it because they're more stretchy? I'll have to include a picture of all them together someday to find out! I still wonder about printed tights though - how sturdy they are and if they're fully opaque. I'll have to get one someday...

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