July 27, 2015

2015-07 Swimsuits!

The summer comming, I decided its time to pick a proper swimsuit. Having no idea what I am getting into - I can't even swim yet! I started skimming google images to see what is available on market.. fast forward a lot of pictures and adjusting of the query later, I found one I liked. 

I clicked it to see the details.. aww. Metamorphose! I guess I should have expected it to be a lolita brand. Normal clothing does not appeal to me anymore! Not even swimsuits, not even when they're in lolibrary. Taobao could be maybe be a source of a decent swimsuit .. http://zhubaobao.taobao.com/ used to make these: 


And here is one more hime gyaru style, but good enough.

Metamorphose also made a hideous printed swimsuit set, bikini and one piece options. They don't even have anyhting common with lolita aesthetics. Meta, whyy?

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright surprisingly also made bathing sets in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. I guess they didn't sell all too well? No wonder.

Two other designs I found are available only for children. Why theres sexy but not cute designs like these in adult sizes? -.-

A day will come when I find a loliable swimsuit, and not just on a picture, but it is not this day..

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