August 24, 2016

Seasonal lolita: Summer

There exist many general advices how to get through summer with less hassle, like - use sunscreen, stay hydrated, keep in shade - and so on for consideration. On the other hand, the summer heat is different story for the many layers and meters upon meters of cloth and lace lolitas dress in.

9 Handy tips specific for lolitas:
  • Use parasol. Avoid the lacey kind on the picture, they barely provide any shade and don't prevent sunborn. The best are umbrella/parasols with some declared SPF. Mine has a SPF 50 and is also waterproof, which makes it as universal as it can get!

  •  Get a straw hat. You can buy a simple hat in local store and adorn it with a ribbon, lace, or other accessories, buy a hat from TaoBao like I did, or even get a brand hat!

  • Keep your hair up in an updo. Thats obviously easier for classic lolitas but sweet lolitas can do two buns to look extra adorable!
  • Get a chiffon short sleeve blouse, even better if it is without peter pan collar. Wear a cutsew instead of a blouse, or simply put a light bolero over a JSK without blouse altogether (gasp!)
  • Prefer light chiffon dresses or skirts. Loose babydoll or highwaist cut is a plus.
  • Wear lace adorned ankle socks instead of OTKs or tights, or just get cute sock toppers instead to use on any ankle socks!

  • Skip on the bulky accessories. A pearl bracelet and a small bow comb will do.
  • Get cute sandals instead of closed-toe shoes.

  • Buy a fan. Especially cute for classic lolitas!

Example coordinates around main pieces from my wardrobe, created in Polyvore

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