December 2, 2016

Grey x Pink sweet appreciation!

Latedly I saw a beautiful Pink x Gray tartan from Angelic Pretty in auctions, which got me thinking.. how many sweet pieces in this colorway are even out there? Is it possible to build grey x pink wardrobe? I looked into lolibrary and was really surprised at the amount of grey pieces available!

It comes as no surprise that Innocent World and Victorian Maiden offer numerous classical grey pieces, either solid color or with stripes. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright also has an occasional grey tartan piece. The surprise: Angelic Pretty also makes great sweet lolita pieces in grey! Regarding the accesssories, there are a few and far between, but Jane Marple turned out to have a few nice pieces. Going through all the lolibrary's grey entries and picked my favorites to assemble a grey x pink wardrobe with! Pink pieces are numerous and therefore not shown. 

The first dress which comes to mind in pink x grey colorway is the expensive Cat's Tea Party. A special occasion dress for the wardrobe, however not the only one out there for our experimental wardrobe.

More pink x grey prints by Angelic Pretty, both very old, and also warm pieces.


Starting on nonprint dresses, an older tartan piece. And the salopette is absolutely adorable!


Angelic Pretty Nursery Tartan serie from 2012

Purely grey pieces, could be combined with pink items or in the case of the JSK on the right, could be layered on pink dress like an apron!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright grey x pink pieces.

There was not a good pick in blouses, classical blouses back be used under otherwise sweet dress. White or pink blouses could also be easily used in our grey x pink wardrobe!

Cutsews. I love cutsews, they are so comfy and harder to wrinkle than cotton blouses. The AP onsleeved blouse is indeed grey, on the grey background. The BtSSB camisole is particulary cute.

A few grey accessories!

The tippet could be used to put on top of a blouse if you absolutely need to add grey to that area of your outfit, but it would probably turn the outfit too classical and I don't see a main piece on our list which would look good with it. But if you put under a shorter one the chiffon petticoat on the right, then the chiffon peeking out would balance the tippet!

A few appropriate grey legwear.

Cardigans! Because it's not always summer. Indie and Jane Marple, here they go. The pockets on the indie cardigan on the first image are incredibly cute :3

When it gets really cold, everyone's glad to have a coat!. I like the BtSSB coat the most, it looks very warm and has pink ribbons on it!

A lot of image spam later, I can conclude that it's perfectly possible to build a grey x pink wardrobe if one so wishes! Theres great many pieces and when the grey is lacking, pink and white will supplement it. Even grey can make sweet outfits, as you've seen! Have an greyt day! :D (pun intended)


  1. Interesting post :) I've never really thought about or noticed grey x pink colour schemes before so I was really surprised to see how many brand items you found that work :) Are you planning on incorporating this colour scheme into your wardrobe, or was it just hypothetical? :) Maybe you could do more hypothetical wardrobes for unusual colours? I'd love to see a green based wardrobe, for example. (Mermaidgrey here from Amino Lolita btw :) )

  2. Hi Mermaidgrey and thank you for the comment! It's purely hypothetical, I don't have space for another wardrobe :D Still, findinding out theres such potential for this colorway surprised me so much I wanted to share it! I certainly plan to do more thematic wardrobes, loving to sort through stuff :3

  3. I like this color combination more and more. :3