October 23, 2017

Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party

I really liked the print in sax from first sight but seeing it in person in 2013, I made my mind about buying it. The dress is definetly sweet, yet the teacup motif gives it a light classical vibe - no animals or foods! and the sax colorway is a pleasant slightly dusty shade. As the dress is quite expensive so I got a skirt.. I needed a fancy skirt anyway!

There was a detachable bow at the skirt, with cute little untesils. The skirt is has a built in petticoat, custom lace, partial shirring, side zipper, detachable waist ties, and - behold - a pocket! 

I quickly put together a coord with offbad accessories and Bodyline blouse and cardigan. The Bodyline sax cardigan is absolutely adorable by the way, with many cute small details and quality lace. I ended up using the detachable bow in place of headbow for the coord in the end.
My absolute favorite is this photo of me from Valentine's meetup in 2017.

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  1. Very cute! I really love Wonder Party and it really suits you in the colourway.