July 24, 2017

2013: My second frilly year

Looking back at 2013, it was definetly a year of meetups! I travelled around the country, and even abroad once, to get to know lolitas all around. I always try to dress in my better dresses for meetups! 

I tried to take more photos at home. Again, it didn't go well. I used iPad Mini and althought the photos from meetups taken outside in daylight were fine, there was not enough light for the tiny lens indoors, and mirrors I used were old. The photos were dark and blurry. The best of the bad tries..

I started to get more into photography, using my old camera Panasonic DMC-FZ7, and got first decent results.

My wardrobe got much bigger, though still in the old furniture. I promised myself a new one for next year.

* The rest of the images are recent, I had neither the skill not the camera in 2013 *

I bought some more pink stuff: fantastic Bodyline bolero, a cute TaoBao cutsew and finally got proper sweet lolita wristcuffs, with removable bows which can be swapped for another pair!

I stocked up on badly missing essentials: An offwhite Anna House blouse, white Bodyline blouse L108, the compulsory Metamorphose luckypack bloomers and a hoard of cotton OTKs which turned out to be 100% wool and warm, oh nevermind I tried.

I made a huge mistake with replicas, thinking sweet brands like Angelic Pretty are too expensive to ever own for me. I really love AP sweet prints, but didn't know if I will dare to wear them. Well, at least I didn't buy them new.


I also bought more shoes than my only pair of Bodyline's cream shoes, and some OTKs to them too. Their price was 33 USD a pair plus 30 USD shipping (plus PP fees, the OTKs, and the customs, aggrh), and although they serve me well, nowadays I would definetly search elsewhere.

I splurged on brand, BtSSB Floral Lace JSK, IW Bouquet Doll OP, BtSSB Tartan scalloped JSK

But also found a cheap brand BtSSB cutsew OP for sleepwear for the sweetest of dreams... (drifting lifestyle and brandwhore, am I not? :D) and hunted down my dream dress Marriage d'Amour after half a year of searching on auctions.


I dared to venture into black colorway (and found it's not my thing!)

And got better ready for colder weather, buying some sweaters and turtlenecks. Still missing a coat though!

Lastly, I got my first paper publication with lolita fashion pictures. Without the tote.. and I can't speak japanese, and you read it from back forward, which feels really weird.. but I have it and its mine :3


  1. Wow, 2013 sure looks like it was so, so busy for you, it's amazing! It's nice that you have all these memories to look back on, even if not all the photos were the best quality. I don't have many from my early Lolita years (though given how ita I was, that may be for the best :P). I'm especially jealous of that IW tea party in Vienna, that looks so nice! Hopefully the Austrian community puts something up every year, then maybe I'll manage to go one day.
    Also, such good thinking with stocking up on warmer clothes with turtlenecks etc. I should probably do that, but the brandwhore in me wants brand ones, but every time I see one on auctions it's pink which I don't wear. I'll probably have to stick to Axes Femme etc. :P

    1. Oh wow thank you :3 This autumn (2017) there is Halloween themed tea party in Vienna, but the tickets are already sold as far as I know x.x

      Turtlenecks are awesome, you can wear them instead of blouse for extra comfort! Like Deka Wanko did :) (A lolita detective with Angelic-Pretty-turned-punkish from the funny TV serie)