September 24, 2018

2018/06 Steampunk meetup in Prague

I haven't seen my friends since Christmas, finishing my doctorate from math, so I jumped at first opportunity and met my friends at an alternative clothing swap meet. We met in front of a running sushi restaurant Jiu Zhou and I finally got my first running sushi ^.^ It was awesome. After lunch, we moved to the steampunk bar for the swap meet. The outside of the club was breathtaking. 

Blouse: Angelic Pretty                          
Shoes: An*Tai*Na                                
Accessories: offbrand                          

Tairesia's Metamorphose print and my Fancy Box print

The inside was very dark, crammed with metallic sculptures and occasional neon lights.

Most of the clothing was goth-like and black, so hard to see in the dark. This was the only sweet island in the sea of black, with pastel ruffly skirts and petticoats. So-so managed to photoshop it out of the dark for you to see. 

After checking the goods, we decided to settle in our favourite Choco Café, a chocolaterie with own specialty chocolate factory.

I decided to try one of those macarons with icecream, chocolate with chocolate icecream, because double chocolate! Definetly worth it :)

And Yuki got her late birthday present. Just look at that smile! ^.^

The meetup from the point of view of Tairesia

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