January 23, 2020

Lolita Fashion Wardrobe Questions!

I found these questions on Tumblr and thought it would be fun to answer them!
Share your own answers, too?

Do you still own the first lolita item you bought?

What is the oldest lolita piece in your wardrobe?
Innocent World's Florence OP in dusty pink, I bought it in 2012.

What is the newest lolita piece in your wardrobe?
Angelic Pretty's Sweetie Violet skirt in lavender, bought in 2019.

What is the cheapest main piece in your wardrobe?
This Bodyline dress which bought in sale for 6.66 USD including the apron!

What is the most expensive main piece in your wardrobe?
Definetly Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope JSK, for which I paid 200 USD. Actually, I paid way more - add currency conversion fees, shipping, customs and 21% VAT .. I don't even want to think about it x.x But I love the print to bits in this colorway.

Which of your lolita items is your favourite?
I have too many favorites! Short asnwer would be, Angelic Pretty's. They hit the exact aesthetic which makes my heart melt in blissfull happiness. But some other pieces also found my soft spot. And I love wristcuffs and tea party shoes and the cute necklaces my friend Tairesia makes!

Which item in your lolita wardrobe do you wear the most?
Definetly my plain white OTKs, hehe. But if we were to talk about main pieces, it would be this Bodyline JSK! It's simple and comfortable, the cotton cloth is thick and sturdy, and it's easy to wash. It makes for great piece for everyday wear all around the year!

Which item in your lolita wardrobe do you wear the least?
The hat. Really. I used to think it would be such an useful thing to have, great for summer coords when I wouldn't want to carry my parasol over me all the time.. but, I just don't. I guess I'm not a hat person.

Is there anything in your lolita wardobe that you haven’t worn yet?
I was thinking that not really, but going through my wardrobe.. the Sweetie Violet skirt I got last month, because it's chiffon and it's middle of winter here. Aside that, the blue AP blouse because it's too fancy for everyday and there hadn't been special occasion since I got it two months ago. The casual Bodyline cutsews with itchy seams, brand OTKs which actually turned to be UTKs instead,  pink cutsews which ended up being dusty pink upon arrival... an Angelic Pretty barette which is just TOO HUGE to work with my natural hair.... ok, that's quite a lot of stuff, I should make a closet cleaning :D

What is missing from your lolita wardobe?
An underskirt to lengthen some of the dresses. Longer drawers, which I have on way. Maybe a lavender blouse. And definetly some of my dream dresses!
When will your lolita wardobe be complete?

What was the last lolita item you sold or threw away?
A replica dress I got years ago, to a person who does not wear lolita fashion and just liked it as it is.

How many OPs do you have?

How many JSKs do you have?

How many skirts do you have?

How many petticoats do you have?
3. An old white one with smaller poof. Wonderful poofy pink one from Bunny House. And a short colorful one from Bodyline.

What do you plan to buy next?
Sax tea parties. There's never enough of tea parties.

When you first started wearing lolita, what did you want your wardrobe to be like?
Classical, dusty pink and floral and cream, a bit mori kei in feel. But then I got to know pink and Angelic Pretty o///o.

What is your lolita wardrobe currently like?
Sweet and colorful! Mostly pastels, pink, sax, lavender and white, also navy, a few other colors. Usually sweet but usable for casual and somewhat classical outfits too. You can see all of it in my wadrobe post ^.^

What would you like your lolita wardrobe to be like in the future?
That's for the future me to decide. I may continue to wear pastels, or decide I would rather turn more classical as I first wanted to, before I fell hopelessly in love with AP pastel sweet.

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