October 12, 2013

2013-10-12 Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

The first even tea party of Innocent World set outside Japan! The tickets were sold out within minutes. Then lottery took place between interested people about who will be lucky enough to pay the higher price of the even more limited VIP ticket. The VIPs were let in an hour early and instead of just chair they had a place at one of the tables. 

Vienna is in Austria, neighbor country to my home. My trip did not start very well. I missed the first of a serie of long-distance busses I booked due to the traffic jam in our city. The luck turned back to me though and I was able to find another bus and got to the tea party (barely) in time! Right upon arrival we were gifted a bag with some trifles.. though the Antique Perfume Bottle OTKs I got are surely half the price of the ticket itself! 

Refreshments were available during the whole four hours long tea party. Several sales booths were set up, mostly with trifles and accessories, also some clothing. Opening of the Innocent World sales booth could not be missed.. you could easily track it by the crowd which quickly gathered. By the time I got close enough to have a peek, barely anything was left from the few pieces they brought - about 6 dresses, four coats, several OTKs and bows. Besides, 310 EUR for a coat is a bit outside of my comfort zone. 

The outfits of attendees were breathtaking! I was never before around this sheer amount of frills and prints and I loved it. The light was a bit dim, but a few quick snaps turned out allright..

The sweetest outfit of them all, Dream Fantasy from Angelic Pretty. 
Innocent World's Lotta twins!

Then the Innocent World's fashion show started. The prints were inspired by Wien, the last two pictures are of coats. The tiles with paintings look tacky to me but the last of the prints, the mint dress with sweets, looked so nice! These were made to the IW anniversary and were first seen on public right at this tea party! All the models lined up at the end of the fashion show and the sweet mint dress was so close to me I could have touched it if I reached my hand :)

Next event of the pea party was an half an hour performance of band Lolita KompleX unplugged. They were not very succesfull, the acoustic was bad and it was quite bland so about three people were listening and the next hundred went about their own buissness, chatting, eating snacks, shopping and taking photos.

Questions and Answers with Yumi Fujiwara, designer of Innocent World! Maybe the best part for me, even better than the fashion show. Everyone was listening tentatively. One of the questions was if IW plans to open a shop in Europe. Mrs. Fujiwara said that they did not, but seeing the enthusiasm of lolitas here, they could have start to consider it. Everyone aplauded her answer. We also learned that she remembers every single dress she designed, including the smallest bows, or that she designs clothes she herself would want to wear, without any hidden message within. She just likes frilly clothing. She designed the dress she was wearing at the tea party after the last visit in Vienna, inspired by a library she had seen, and its one of her most beloved dresses. She also visited other european countries, but Vienna is her favourite - could she say anything else in the middle of there? Overall, she was very polite and pleasant to listen to. 


Lottery took place at the end of tea party. It was total surprise to me. Suddenly people started to pull out tickets, I have no idea where they got them. When I asked around it turned out someone selling tickets was going around between people soon after the start of tea party.. oh well, I never noticed. 

On the other hand, I got a photo with Yumi Fujiwara! Pardon my creepy autistic self forgetting to look into the camera. I wore Innocent World's Bouquet Doll OP in beige x brown for the tea party.

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