July 10, 2017

2013-10 Lolita calendar photoshoot

Czech lolitas had their own calendar for 2014! Ketmara travelled across the Czech republic to take pictures of czech lolitas. When she said she plans to visit our city, we got together to have photos taken too!

I lended my friend Taiseria my Marriage d'Amour JSK for the shoot. It just looks so gorgerous on her and fits her well! I think she looks better in it than I do. Before everyone arrived, we fooled a bit at the statues where we were to meet them!

When everyone arrived, Ketmara asked us where we are going to take the photos. That was a huge surprise! So we scarmbled together to come up with viable locations. We spent most of the day going back and forth in a city and standing by. Stella showed up in a mint macaron skirt :3

Ketmara went one person a time, it was windy and photos turned out to be blurred. I'm not sure why nothing was sharp in the resulting photos we obtained but at least I was able adjust and sharpen them in Photoshop :3

This scene in a park was simply gorgerous, and the wind supplied a perfect poof for once!



People slowly dropped out one by one as they had their photos taken and by late afternoon it was only me, Tairesia and Ketmara. Knowing most czech lolitas wear gothic and classic, I came up with as sweet a coord as I could put together. It was not very suitable into historical city core though, so I was the last one who didn't yet have any photos taken. We came to my home for some photo props and tried to rush a quick picnic style shoot. It was too windy though, the blanket refused to lay still!

So we came in, I took out my pastel dresses (not many, then), and Ketmara took this awesome photo. I really like it, it reminds me of MilkyFawn.. just with less clothes xD I should re-take it someday now when I have so many more pastel dresses and a proper lolita fringe haircut :3

Part of the calendar is available for viewing here. As always, click on the picture to get bigger version! In the end, I didn't buy the calendar, since I don't like the formatting used, or the choice of photos. My photo didn't get in, but my friend's Tairesias did! Noone can take away the fun I had that day though!

I've also found this short mention of the shooting in Brno from Mitsu (in czech only), and report from Stella.

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