June 14, 2016

2016-06 Lolita questionnaire

I found a questionnaire on Sleeping Doll Yuki's blog and decided to answer it ^.^

1. Name 5 things you hate about lolita

Wigs. I got one and I didnt like it. They may look fabulous, but the wig cap was constantly slipping when I tried to put it on, the whole fit was awkward, I couldn't even properly place a headbow on it, I was reaaaaly hot and feared to move to don't displace it on my head. I bet a lot of these would go away with more experience but for me.. never again.

The community. The hate and pressure and girl bitching behind each others backs. Probably happens in any niche hobby.. there are fabulous people but bitches too. In addition, since the community moved from livejournal to facebook a few years ago, I feel like it shattered into many small pieces. It just doesn't feel the same anymore.

Holes in expensive socks. It really sucks to hunt the OTKs in the exact print and colorway to match your brand dress for two years then get a toe hole first time you wear them out!

Hard to wash and iron. The maintenance takes time and effort. Even the clothing that can be washed is delicate so you better wash it in hands and many pieces can't be washed at all. And ironing all those ruffles one by one is an ordeal.. but eventually you'd find wrinkles to smooth out before every wear.

Being afraid about your clothes. The lolita clothing is expensive and delicate.. eventually you'll realize theres a threshold when you turn back not because of the lack of money, but you feel like the piece you love is too expensive to ever wear for fear of getting stains or snags on it and it'd be pity to buy it for it to just sit in your closet.. and even the more fancy pieces you do buy you avoid sitting on benches in park, eating meals which could stain it pernamently even if it would be your favorite strawberry ice-cream, and so on. One of my biggest regrets.

2. Name 5 things you love about lolita

The details. Be it lace, ruffles or just pretty buttons on waistties, they are part of the charm for me.

The layering. Im feeling notoriously cold even in summer. In lolita, I just add a few fancy layers to stay warm and it still looks summery. No more running around in coat during summer!

That its wearable! I can wear what I love and show it to everyone and maybe brighten their day a tiny bit. Where else do you get to wear the art you admire?

That it covers my bum :3 The wide skirts hide the part of my body I'm most conscious about so I feel more comfortable in skirts!

Opaque legwear. I wouldn't have to shave my legs if I didn't feel like it and noone would know, haha!

3. The most favorite brand?
Angelic Pretty!

4. Three most favorite prints including the color?
Dreamy Horoscope JSK in Navy
Misty Sky skirt in Sax
Fancy Box Shoulder Frill JSK in Blue

5. Your lolita inspiration?
Probably Cadney though theres a good dozen of lolitas I admire!

6. Favorite piece of lolita clothing?
Wristcuffs! Pure lace and bows, the best of lolita fashion.

7. Unpopular piece of lolita clothing?
Big decorated rings. Fingers of a sweet lolita outfit look empty without them but they just stand in my way.. I'm not used to wearing them.

8. Do you wear wigs?

9. How many petticoats do hold your skirt?
One. Either a daily white A-line petti or a megapoofy pink cupcake Bunny House petti.

10. Your favorite lolita meme

11. Do you follow any lolita blog or youtube?
Yes, a lot of them! Im a bit random though... mostly I read up all I can then move to next blog. Also following a lot of lolita tumblrs.

12. The most favorite substyle?
Sweet lolita =^.^=

13. The hated substyle?
Guro lolita. Eww.

14. Favorite lolita shoes?
Tea parties! They're the best :3

15. Do you wear circle lenses.
No, I couldn't stand anything in my eyes. I undergone a laser surgery to have the need for glasses removed, I don't want to risk my sight for circle lenses.

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