June 23, 2016

2016-06 How I discovered lolita fashion

A tomboy scientist went to a conference.. that's not a start of a bad joke, but beginning of my lolita adventures.

I had no skirts whatsoever, let alone a dress suitable for a formal dinner on a conference. I sat down to google yet another time, exasperated. The dresses I found in shops were mostly elastic tubes or tasteless heaps of fabric. But then, I saw.. a wine dress, well fitted, decently long and with a comfortable A-line cut. The perfect dress popped out between the images.

Little did I know its the often coveted Mary Magdalene's Emmelia OP. I went to the shop, called milanoo.com, and looked around. So many beautiful dresses! I spent the evening browsing the site.. but fear not! Before ordering the dress from the well known scammer site I saw earlier, I noticed most of the nice dresses have 'lolita' in the name and went back to google to find more about it.

Forward to two weeks of googling later, a bit of a confusion when stumbling upon the OTT sweet lolita photos, and fumbling around with making a livejournal account, I bought my very first lolita piece. A secondhand Innocent World's Florence OP. The lace was nothing like I had ever seen before, the dress was comfortable but pretty! And I felt pretty too! I was hooked.

In the end, I didn't find a dress for the conference dinner, but I found something more precious. I found beauty and softness I didn't think existed. World of innocent cuteness free of struggle and bland reality of daily existence. I found lolita fashion and for the first time in my life became interested in clothes.

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  1. Ou, Milano.. I'm glad that you did not fall for Milano, and found true lolita shops. :)