July 25, 2016

Moldavite exhibit in museum

Me and my friend Tairesia went to a museum exhibit! 

This is our South Bohemian Museum. Since the exhibit was about moldavites, I dressed into a space-themed Cosmic JSK in cream color. It's more toned-down and although still counts as sweet, its quite on the subdued side (and it has pockets!)

Moldavites are created upon asteroid impact. The asteroids are huge rocks flying around our Solar System, they can be as small as a boulder or as big as a mountain. Sometimes they hit the Earth and when the impact is stronger, they melt the ground they hit. The melted ground is trasformed by the heat and pressure of the impact into glass and the glass droplets are ejected into surrounding area. These droplets become the moldavites and can be found million years after the impact which created them!

These are moldavites. There were hundreds of them in the exhibit, from different places across the world.

We saw more moldavites that day than .. well, honestly, more than anyone would probably want. The sheer amount was overwhelming. One final photo in front of the wall panel you can see in the back of the exhibit room, and we were ready to go home and rest!

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