July 3, 2016

Handmade wristcuffs

I made my first handmade lolita fashion item! It's a simple classic inspired wristcuffs in ivory color. After a lot of obsessiong about what best lace to use and how to sew it together, I bought a couple of lace of an ebay shop, but the shades turned out to be very different from each other in person!

I used the top lace, soft and wide with embroidery on both edges. I folded the lace in half, then adjusted it so both embroidery is visible. Then I gently sewed them together under and above the line where elastics would go. That created a tunnel for the elastics. After adjusting its lenght I sewed the end of the elastics together, then the end of the lace. Then I prepared bows for the wristcuffs using this simple method!

As a finishing touch, I sewed the ivory bows on top. The wristcuffs turned out better than I expected!

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