January 17, 2017

LBC: New Year's Resolutions

With new year comes resolution time! I'm not a person to believe much in new years resolutions (why wait till new year when you can start right now!?) but they may be handy for keeping yourself on track in your lolita life! Let's see what I would like to do this year:
  • Do a closet cleaning
For two years now I keep telling myself I need to purge my closet of the pieces I dont wear. It's time to do something about it!
  • Search for my dream dress
Fancy box shoulder frill JSK in navy, so elusive. Half a year keeping eye on auctions, facebook groups, even japanese sites resulted in nothing. Maybe this year I'll be lucky!

  • Decorate my bedroom
I hoped to do this last year, since I got new wardrobe the year before, but all I managed was to buy a shelf and clothes rack (handy!). Time to do more.. maybe some pastel curtains, and hopefully set up a spot for taking coord shots. Someday I wish for AP posters.
  • Go to Angelic Pretty tea party
Thats a big goal! I always wanted to see AP tea party, though I was never able to go. Going to Paris would also mean visiting Angelic Pretty and BtSSB shops, and this time I'd have friends along for company! The most critical part is grabbing tea party tickets.. I hope for luck!

  • Write this blog at least bi-weekly
I would like 3-4 entries a month but let's not set the goal (and hopes) too high..
  • Keep both of my Tumblrs active
For the times I am less wordy, I use my personal lolita tumblr. As lolita fashion is a lot of eye candy to swoon over, I also have a second tumblr to collect these pictures, sorted by brands and prints with use of tag, with queque still loaded for a daily dose of frills.
  • Take more coord pictures
Whenever possible! I'm so iffy about having decent quality pictures quick mirror shots don't do the trick. Most of the times I don't even take any photos! I'd like to better document my day to day style, if one to have some nice memories to look at years later.

It's going to be busy year!
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  1. These are great resolutions, good luck! <3

  2. Nice goals. Good luck achieving them :D