January 26, 2017

Tea Time a la Carte Salopette!

For quite some time now, I was looking at petite lolitas in salopettes and it looked so cute I decided to give it a try! HERE I hoard salopette pictures.

I bought Angelic Pretty's A la Carte Tea Time salopette in ivory, along with the barette and OTKs. Its beautiful piece on its own. The apron part is removable, as well as the front and back bows. The straps are adjustable, and the skirt has two big pockets!

My enthusiams was quenched by actually trying it on. I'm not even tall with my 165 cm height, yet the salopette looks like meant for much smaller person. Sweet Indeed also finds the salopette very short! The skirt is not only shorter, but of mini-skirt lenght rather, with 36 cm waist to lower hem! I'd call the outfit Fairy Kei.

The skirt sits on the hips, so it cant be let lower by adjusting the straps, and it can not be used together with most lolita blouses, as those end up at waist and so they're too short!

It took a bit of fooling around to come up with a way to wear this piece. I ended up using it as a printed apron over another lolita dress. With a BtSSB Cutsew OP on the left and Bodyline sailor OP on the right.

Bonus shot!

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  1. it looks very cute as an overdress/apron! ♥