February 7, 2017

Bodyline haul - closet padding.

I haven't looked on Bodyline's site for quite a while. The prices pleasantly surprised me and I decided to pad my wardrobe with some more daily wear! Bad news; the YEN trick doesn't work anymore. Even if you use Yen, the final price at Checkout will be in USD anyway, of course with use of their not so flattering conversion rate. Also no more free shipping! I paid 40 USD shipping, and they divided the order into two packages. It was a lot of stuff though so not all that bad shipping price!

The full order we ordered with friends, 3 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 blouses, 3 cutsews, 5 accessories. Wow!

My part of the order all together.

Alice printed dress. Not that thrilled about the quality, but it does its job and looks decent. The lace looks nice but is stiff and scratchy, the headbow isnt all that nice either. On the bright side, the dress has back shirring, a side zipper, and the front bow is removable. The lovely apron has a jingle bells =^.^=  and since the dress doesn't have waist ties, its meant to be worn with it. The whole set of dress, apron and a headbow for 6.66 USD? It's a steal!

This dress has better quality. Good cotton fabric was used, the color is nice and vivid. Quality cotton lace was used. The dress has shirring in the back, neck ties and waist ties. The skirt is long and full. Overall I'm very happy with this dress! For the price of 13.33 USD it cost, I wouldn't get even the lace used in local shops here.

Wristcuffs to go with the red dress above! Looking lovely, but the lace is scratchy.

OTKs with 'burgers' as we know from TaoBao's google translations. Macarons! :3

A short, low-poof petticoat. Looking so soft, but scratchy again. Why is most of Bodyline's stuff so scratchy? x.x It looks adorable though and would work under salopette, for Fairy Kei, or layering on another petticoat.

Cardigan and two shirts for much needed casual wear or under JSKs in summer. The fabric is thin, soft and pleasant, perfect for summer!

Side scratchy lace and petticoat, I'm very pleased with what I got, and if you are careful with picking out things, Bodyline can be great source of affordable lolita clothing or just padding your wardrobe with more daily wear if you want to!

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  1. Anonymous8/2/17 16:51

    All things to look cute. :3 I look forward to the summer picknick. ◕ᴗ◕✿