February 27, 2017

Official lolita blogs

Brands have their Facebooks and blogs, as well as models do. In case you wondered where the official lolita blogs are, they're mostly located on popular japanese blogging site Ameblo.jp and Yaplog.jp and written in japanese, but we care mostly about the pictures, right? So far, I was able to locate these:

Angelic Pretty designers

Innocent World designer
Yumi Fujiwara

Angelic Pretty models
                                           RinRin Doll                                         Kimura U

                                              Sumire Sato                               Chitako                               

   Sayaka                                       Kayuu           

BtSSB models

    Misako Aoki                                  Midori Fukasawa

Official blogs of AP shops

Official blogs of BtSSB shops

Official Metamorphose blog (till 2014)

Larme Kei: Risa Nakamura

If you know of any other, please let me know, I'd love to read them! I mean, look at the pretty pictures!:3

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