April 5, 2017

Innocent World's Bouquet Doll OP

Innocent World's Bouquet Doll OP in beige x black is certainly very classical piece and not at all a sweet lolita substyle. Although the dress is cotton, the removable princess sleeves are from a chiffon-like, wrinkle free material. All the lace is soft and high quality Innocent World is famous for.

OTKs: TaoBao                                           
Shoes: Bodyline                                         

Detail on the princess sleeves. In the end I decided not to use the wristcuffs
or pearl bracelets, as they looked so out of place with princess sleeves.       


  1. this dress is so beautiful and you look absolutely stunning in it! I'm loving the princess sleeves <3

    1. Thank you! Its far from my usual sweet lolita but the dress catched my attention due to the wonderful sleeves!

  2. This one looks quite lovely on you. I see what you mean about it not being your usual sweet lolita fashion. It is not as much pastels as more neutral colors.