April 23, 2017

Inspirations: Milkyfawn


Blog                http://milkyfawn.blogspot.cz/     
Instagram        http://instagram.com/milkyfawn
Tumblr             *deleted, a few reblogs*            

Milkyfawn alias Alanah May from Sydney, likes sweets, chocolate, and Rilakkuma. Her outfits scheme was mostly pink, brown and beige. She had a bit of a hoarding problem with lolita but managed to solve it by selling half her wardrobe. She hurriedly left lolita at the end of 2014 (aged 22) to instead pursue otome fashion.

I love her style and her blog in general. I think she's everything a lolita could aspire to be. My friend Yuki was lucky enough to know Milkyfawn when she was still a lolita and made an interview with her!

She blogged about events, holiday, unboxing, purchases, meets, food, her youtube video links. Just your average lot, but she is such a darling and has such a distinct style! My favorite blog posts of hers are her room tour, wardrobe post from 2014, her makeup and skincare, 30 day lolita challenge and people who inspire her lolita style! She also did a magazine interview, compared Sheep garden real to replica dress and wrote a guide on how to order from Angelic Pretty using Tenso :) I also loved her Scavenger hunt ideas!

Milkyfawn also starred in a couple of Deerstalker Picture videos. They did really funny The Secret Life of Lolita - part 1, part 2, part 3 and Bloopers, Mean Lolitas (and its behind the scenes). Milkyfawn taped her AP Melty Ribbon Chocolate unboxing and AP Loyal Rosette unboxing, told us how to pose in lolita and made a circle lens tutorial. She brought us to her room, played Cards Against Lolitas, and addressed her hoarding problems.

I really miss reading her blog. Do you?

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