July 7, 2019

2019-06 Meetup at Hluboka Castle

I've always wanted to do a meetup at the beautiful Hluboka castle nearby our city! Its just so sweet and wonderful, with rose gardens and a park around :3 I invited friends to a tiny picnic there and finally got to fullfill this dream ^.^


We had a perfect weather and the roses were just in full bloom. We set up the picnic in the park facing the castle, which was the perfect spot to take pictures with the castle in the background!

I took a reflex camera to take photos of the meetup, so I kept my coord simple, with Angelic Pretty's Dolce OP, and Angelic Pretty's headbow and wristcuffs. A lot of the photos turned out very high contract due to direct sunlight, but I was able to save them by removing shadows by this method!

We spent the afternoon walking the gardens, picnicking and talking, and I was fooling around with the camera a lot :D It was fun! My friends are so photogenic, I have to share at least a few of my favorites! Click to enlarge them, as always ^.^

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  1. Oh wow, this castle looks like a real life Disney castle! It's so magical! Definitely a great place for a lolita meetup, especially when the weather is good enough for a picnic.